Sunday, April 3, 2011

Studying the phone!

I downloaded the 340 page owners manual for the HTC G2 phone from the HTC web site today.  I'm certain that if they included that monster with the new phones, most folks would ship the thing back to the phone company.

The smart phone is much like a laptop computer, in that there are many included features and many add on programs that can take each phone in the direction that a user requires.  I was looking for some very specific adjustments that might be made to the operation of the phone, and after looking at the manual most of the afternoon, I only succeeded in putting myself to sleep!

Well that nap was a good one, but I never did get the answers I was looking for.  Rather than blog about all the phone specific stuff I learned and bore you all to death, since your phone is different, I will end by  saying that we got up into the 70s this afternoon, and folks were outside doing all that outside stuff.

It was a gorgeous day!

Retired Rod


  1. Good luck with your phone. That is why I hate upgrading to a new one. Just get to know the one you have, then switch for some reason, and you have to start all over again.

  2. You might want to be a bit wary with that phone. With all the widgets & gadgets how do you know that phone is not studying you!!

  3. There's nothing like reading a long tech manual to induce a good siesta!


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