Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buzzing the town.

I was out doing errands this morning and that drug out into the afternoon.  I stopped by two different car dealerships to look at vehicles again, and still am not any closer to knowing what is the best for our situation.

I favor doing nothing, but I really should sell some of the cars here.  And if I do the trade thing, I will save the sales tax on the new replacement.  So trade in two and get one newer one, is the plan, but that is all the closer I am with that.

I stopped by Harbor Freight to purchase a different battery charger.  The old one in the motorhome was also from Harbor Freight, but when we were out in Arizona, and I was changing batteries in the coach, I somehow broke the switch that chooses amperages.  Parts, for a chinese charger.....forgetaboutit!

So I just bought a new one.  I'll toss the broken one even though it only has a broken switch.  The switch has four positions, and maybe I can hard wire it to 10 amps at 12 volts were we use it the most.  Nah, just toss it and use the new one.  Not worth it.

This afternoon, I went over to the storage lot where the utility trailer is stored and got the broken tongue jack out of the trailer.  We bent it last year out in California when we drug on the ground leaving a fast food driveway.

I have been using a boat jack for the last year, as it folds up by swiveling, but an actual tongue jack is best for fastening the rig to a pickup.  I went to the trailer store that sold me the base plate and installed it on the CRV, and the fellow had just the one I needed.  It was much shorter on the underside, and won't drag so quickly.

This year, I will not be attending the Ham Fest in Dayton Ohio for the first time in 15 years, due to the ongoing treatments here in KC.  So the trailer is going in my place.  The fellows will be here to pick it up this weekend, and it needed to be ready with the nice new jack.  So that is done.

We will need to go get the motorhome tomorrow and start with preparations for repairs in Alabama next week.  Stay tuned.

Retired Rod

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  1. Too bad about missing the Ham Fest after so many years but at least your stuff will be there!

    Good luck with your prep for the trip to Alabama.


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