Thursday, July 28, 2011

All is well in the credit card world now!

The CC payment that I made on Monday was posted during the night on Tuesday night.  But more importantly it was dated on Tuesday.  So regardless when it was actually available for viewing, the computer had the money with the electronic transfer, the very next day after it was completed.

That relieves me a lot, because with the new vendor installed on my brokerage web site, I can now reliably control these things.  It was a $50 lesson, but I have decided that it really was my fault for not making sure that transfers were being completed electronically.  But it had only taken about 5 days in the past, and I couldn't even imagine a two week lag.

That is their fault somehow, and we will never know why.  Loyce and I discussed all of it and decided not to toss out thirty years of experience with the local bank, by cancelling the account.  But, if more shenanigans continue that decision might reverse itself.

Today was another hot one, and we didn't even open the door other than to let Biscuit out for her necessary times.  Yesterday she went over to her salon, and had a complete haircut.  And they shaved her right down to the underlying fur.  She had some mats that we had worked hard to get out, and they would have finished the job for us if it had been winter and cooler outside.  But with it so hot, they shaved them off.

She is a skinny little rat, when she has no hair, but she was adjusting to her new self somewhat slowly.  She probably had more hair when she was first born, so she has never experienced life like this.

Dad, where did my hair go?

But it was 102 again today, and I'm certain that her cool doo was a big help to her.

Late in the afternoon, I went over to Sam's Club to check out some pharmacy items.  But while I was there, I decided that mostly the big warehouse gave me some place to walk all around that was air conditioned.  Perhaps that was what I was really doing over at Home Depot yesterday as well.  Getting exercise in a place that wasn't over 100 degrees.

Of course Loyce goes to the malls for this same reason, but I tire very quickly of that experience.  It is supposed to cool off some and go back to temps in the 90s, but we will believe that if it ever happens.  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Biscuit is adorable with her short hair cut. Who could resist that sweet face. NW Arkansas is experiencing the same unbearable heat wave. Not only are the electricity bills going up but the crops in the fields are burning up. The weatherman tonight actually predicts a 20% rain this weekend. Now that is something to look forward to! I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Biscuit, I love your new summer do. Must be so much cooler for you. We find ourselves wandering in stores that normally we wouldn't spend much time in because of the air conditioning. Otherwise we really don't move much at all. Hope you get a break from your heat. I know it's a lot worse at your house than at ours.

  3. Nice to see the banking issues were resolved. Couldn't offer a comment, since some of the things they do is beyond my comprehension. We've had two different US bank accounts, a Dutch bank account, and now Austrian bank account. Quite content to keep out Canadian one, even though they have a revolving door style of management and we do end up with airheads at our branch from time to time, their on line payment system is pretty fool proof, and they are able to track down mystery items if they occur. Thankfully that's not too often, and is usually when we've done something that we've completely forgot about, and then we panic and think we're getting hosed. Turns out it was just us.
    The dog is adorable. We used to get our cat shaved, and he actually loved all the extra attention. This was a ploy to try and keep the floating fur under control. It just goes everywhere. He's now too old and ornery to allow anyone near him with clippers though, and would need to be drugged. Don't really want to do that. Too unsettling having a drug addled cat bumping into the walls.

  4. Sadie gets the short do in this weather too. Glad your money finally caught up with you.Were getting the same high temps still here. I will wait to go to the lake until it is in the low 90's. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

  5. I can't imagine temperatures constantly in the 90's and 100's. Us northerners start complaining in the mid to high 70's. I guess that is another reason we retreat behind the medicine line for the summer.


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