Sunday, July 17, 2011

White Water

This was a hot and laid back day!  Officially it was in the mid 90s, but when I went out to go over to the Wal Mart store, the temperature gage in the Honda said 104.  I thought it was just in the sun, and it would cool down as I drove.  But nope, it only went up to 105 about half way there

I was in the store for a while and when I came back out, it was now down to 100.  Loyce and the kids big and small had gone to the water slide park, but I passed on that experience.  There are a gazillion little kids running all over the place and the lines were 15 minutes to slide down any of the attractions.

In that heat, my fair complexion would have turned into a lobster.  I am just wise to stay away.  Tonight, the rest of the family is burned, but I am cool and calm.  I alternated sitting outside under the awning, and then inside in the AC.  Biscuit seems to not even notice the heat, and pulls on me to walk her farther.  Too hot!

I did drive down to the lake on Indian Point behind Silver Dollar City.  Years ago we camped down there with our first motor home.  It was a 1978 mobile traveler class C.  We had it for four years and sold it in 1983 for the first lake condo.  At the time, we could only go on big holiday weekends and we could never get a campsite.  Forced boondocking on the fourth of July was never a fun prospect....

Again today, the Indian Point marina was a zoo...just like years ago.  There was no parking anywhere, and I could barely do a drive by with people waiting to put their boats in.  But it is Saturday and folks are out in droves.

Tonight we had a Taco Bar outside under the awning, that was arranged by Chris and Mel.  Chris grilled steak on the grill, that was chopped into pieces and rolled into flour burrito shells.  Mel made all the fixins.  I still have Taco on my face........

So tonight the kids are all in bed killed......both the big kids and the little kids.

Retired Rod


  1. I do my fair share of grumbling about the hot weather but at least it's not as hot as down there in Kansas where you are. Dont' think we have hit a hundred yet. Sooooo glad we decided to put central air in 3 years ago/

  2. The tacos sound delish. My son grills steak and makes them that way sometimes. Much better than what you buy in restaurants & taco stands.

  3. I would have stayed away from the water park with all the kiddo's also. Our weather has finally gotten into the upper 90's and I wish it would go away. But it is summer so I think I'd better learn to just enjoy it. The taco bar is a great idea.

  4. Water parks aren't my favourite places to go either - mostly too wild for me.

    That taco bar you mentioned sounds like a great idea!


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