Monday, July 4, 2011

Hot until the rain came!

It was threatening rain all afternoon, but we went out on the pontoon boat anyway.  Of course when we got about 12 miles away, a cool wind came boiling down over the lake and blew my hat off into the drink.

We circled and fished it out with the telescoping pole that we have had and used forever.  Had my sunny clip ons  on the bill, couldn't loose those!  But it was apparent that we were about to get dumped on, so I scurried off to the West up a side cove.

The wind blew but we were out of the main cell of the storm.  We ducked into a new dock that someone was building in front of a new building.  But the dock didn't have a roof yet.  We were able to tie up for a few minutes as the wind passed by.

After a while we headed back East but quickly turned North away from the back side of the cell.  We had a leisurely ride after that, but the temperature went down suddenly by about 15 degrees.

By about 5 PM we were back at our own dock, but it was obvious that the wind had blown and it had rained here as well.  We went on about our day even though it was now no longer hot.

Tonight we split two big chickens in half and grilled them on the gas grill for about 50 minutes.  The top racks had skewers of fresh vegetables to go with them.  Not a bad meal, and as we were finishing , we did contemplate taking the pontoon over to see the fireworks at the big Lodge of the Four Seasons for a while.

But the clouds didn't look friendly, so we decided to skip it on the chance of a cold rain.  Our oldest grandson objected!!  So hanging here at home we watched quite a show put on by our neighbor in the North end of our own cove.  But as he was finishing, the sky decided to put on fireworks of its own with many bright flashes and loud bangs from mother nature.

Then the rain came down in a deluge.  Darned good thing we weren't out in the boat as we would have been soaked in cold heavy rain. Caden didn't say too much after that about not being out in the boat!

Our screen porch seemed dry and friendly as the rain came driving down.  The wind was pushing it along for quite a while, and the neighbors scurried to cover the rest of the fireworks show.  But with a 15 minute intermission, they began again and finished the display.

Its late at night now, but I can still hear folks off in the distance booming away at their stash of goodies.  Missouri has always allowed fireworks, as this is a fairly permissive state.  They assume that if you are dumb enough to burn up yourself and your property with fireworks, go for it!  Not too many blue laws in the Show Me State!

So with the kids in bed and the dishwasher running in the kitchen, it is all quiet here at the lake place for another day!  But a fun day it was at that.

Happy Fourth of July!!

Retired Rod


  1. We got the rain and the cooler temps right at supper time here.Glad to see you got off the Lake before the worst. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Enjoyable post tonight, Rod. Sounds like a great day with family.

  3. We too had the fireworks by Mother Nature last night. Glad you weren't out in the boat in the rain. That wouldn't have been fun. Have a great 4th.

  4. Sounds like a fun and interesting day. Good decision not to stay out in the storm, too often folks ignore the weather with disastrous results.

    Have a great July 4th!


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