Friday, July 1, 2011

Just endorse the check to us!

You run into the wildest stuff these days.  There is no more trust in anything you do, because folks will take advantage of anything at any time.  And so it was with the final payment on our roofing bill.

The folks that did the roof have been hounding us about the final payment check from the insurance company.  We have full replacement coverage, but they withhold the depreciation portion of the payment until you submit a final completion certificate.

That went in within a day of the completion of the job, but the check hasn't arrived.  The roofers called almost every day, "Is it there yet?"  But finally it came in last Saturday, and I told them, yes it was here now.  They were here at 9 AM on Monday to get the check........

I was going to endorse it and deposit it and then give them one of our personal checks, but that wasn't fast enough, so they had me sign the check over to them.  So I signed the check on the back and made it "pay to the order of The Roofing Company."

That made the guy go away for  a while, but yesterday they were back on the phone because the bank would not accept a two party check.  Heck, I told you so!  But the problem was they had stamped their company name and for deposit only on the back of the check, so technically the check wasn't mine any more.  But they brought it back to me to correct!  What the heck can I do about it now?

So I went over to my bank and they told me there was no way they could deposit it for me with all those endorsements on the back.  I had to sit and wait for the lady that was official to tell what I already knew.

So out of a wild chance, I went to the claims office of the insurance company.  After explaining the problem to three different folks there, the last lady said she would reissue the check!  That works...... and she did it right on the spot after voiding the original one.

So after depositing the new check back into my bank, I went to the roofing company office and wrote them a personal check.  This fiasco took all morning.

Loyce was ready to leave for the lake cabin with the two older grand kids, and I hadn't even packed a tooth brush.  So tonight I am still in KC and she is at the lake.  Evidentally they swam for most of the late afternoon once they arrived.  And I missed out on Pizza at Emo's too.

But I had another productive day in the basement wiring in the ground fault circuit for the bathroom and bar counter outlets.  Also I re wired the celing lights in two rooms adding switches at the doors.  Formerly there were no rooms or doors in this area and all the lights came on with one switch at the bottom of the main stairs.

Adding the switches would not be much of a task except that there are no hot power runs to that part of the room, so I had to add these legs first before I could have something to switch on.

I think I am mostly done with the electrical, other than adding a cable TV wire to the bedroom/office.  But at least I can turn on the light in there with a switch now.

Oh, the Harbor Freight drill is beginning to heat up now when it is used for only a minute or two.  This project has probably rendered it useless, much like my sore hands and arms from running the poor thing.

And Happy Canada Day for my Canadian readers!

Retired Rod


  1. I think I would have been tempted to charge the roofing company for my time. I would have warned them of course, after having explained the first time just how their plan wouldn't work.
    Then when it came time to write the cheque to them, I'd put the bite on them for the couple hours of my time and mileage.
    See..."roofer" vrs. "accountant"? Which one of these two do you think knows about this stuff?? My bet would be on the "accountant".
    Just my two cents.
    And Happy Independence Day to you too.

  2. The roofing company must be in really bad fiscal shape to make such a big issue about getting the check in the first place. Sometimes there are online sites where you can rate a business, and I think I'd be looking for one of those right now. Blast 'em proper!

  3. I'm beginning to really dislike dealing with any business. All that wasted time because they wouldn't listen to reason. Hope you get to the lake so you can have some fun time too.

  4. Thanks for the Canada Day wishes, Rod. I think I heard something about an American holiday coming up soon but I'll have to check on that and get the date right!!

    The roofers must be running pretty close to the line at the end of the month to be so desperate for that cheque. I don't know whether to berate them or sympathize with their plate.

    You were a great customer though to go to all that work on their behalf.

    Have fun at the lake and I hope they left some pizza for you.


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