Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Forgetful!! ??

Another busy HOT day here in KC, but in the heat I pulled a beauty!  The morning was taken up by waiting for the plumber to come over and install the shower stall.

He had to take back out the part that I installed a couple of years ago because it wasn't right.  He added thin set concrete under it to cement it to the floor and then sealed and fastened it to the walls with drywall screws.

My drill was useless, because I had bad batteries.  I have been using the plug in hammer drill for the electric wire holes, but I have been promising myself that I would go get some new batteries for the portable drill.

So I thought I would go on over to Home Depot where they sell Ryobi and get a couple.  I took the scooter and stopped at Wendy's on the way.  It was well into the 90s like 99 or so on the way over.  After Wendy's it was 100 on the ride to Depot.

I went in and learned that my drill took the old Nicad batteries and that they have been replaced by lithium.  But.........my charger wouldn't charge lithium.

After much soul searching and pricing everything, I determined that new lithium batteries and a charger was going to be $130.  But, just buying an entire new drill and two batteries and the charger was $149 in the kit.

So essentially I am just tossing out the old drill kit even though the drill technically still works.  That's how things go now days.  Throw out the old.......

But that's when I turned around and looked for my shopping cart that had my motorcycle jacket in it!  It wasn't there.....  I walked the entire store.........  I could have sworn it was over by the drill display.

I went up to customer service and asked if anyone had pushed a cart up there with a protective jacket in it.  Nope...  I walked some more......  Finally I got tired of carrying the new drill around and went outside to store it under the seat in the scooter.  And right there over the handle bars,  yep,  my bike jacket!

I had to go back in and appologize to the people who were looking all over the store for that shopping cart.  What the He!! was I thinking?  But then it dawned on me, that it was over at Wal Mart where I put the jacket in the shopping cart and pushed it around, while I got a new phone charger for Loyce.

Boy it is bad to get old and foregetful like this.............

Retired Rod

PS: it was 104 on the electronic guage this afternoon!


  1. Some of my tools, phones, etc. have batteries that are obsolete. I have found them on eBay, a lot cheaper than buying a new tool, and kept them going.

    The replacement battery for my little Makita drill-driver, $11, even had a year warranty, and they sent me a another one, free, 11 months after I bought it. The second battery has lasted over two years, and we use it daily.

    I didn't want to 'learn' a new cell phone, so I bought a new battery,$4.00 with free shipping. It works better than the original battery.

    Just to let you know that you don't have to throw away your old drill.

    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Your senior moment has become really common here at the Dixon house. It's really tough some days to remember why I went into the kitchen.

  3. I can't tell you how many times I've done the forgetful thing. We call it sometimers!

  4. I'm always finding myself looking for stuff I've lost only to find it right where I left it!

  5. You are in very good company, Rod. I am forever doing things like that.


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