Saturday, July 30, 2011

Haircut and a shave, two bits......

I sat here and watched the weather station as the morning began to heat up thru the mid day.  Like usual the temps shot right up to the 90s before noon.  But it seemed to pause after that.  We were forecast for another hot one so I didn't lend much credence to it.

But by 2 in the afternoon it was still only 95.  That is bearable!  So on went the motor cycle pants and the jacket and helmet.  The bike confirmed the 95 degree reading and the wind was out of the East not the South where all that dragon breath heat has been coming from all week.

I struck out for the Wendy's that is several miles to our East here from home.  It is on the way to my barbershop that is over in Missouri.  I really didn't need a haircut, but I like to keep things quite short in such heat.  Especially inside of the cycle helmet.

After the burger, I came out and jumped on the bike and was greeted by a thermometer that read greater than 100.  Oh well it isn't too far from here to the barber shop.  Its fine when you can keep moving, but the red traffic lights are brutal.

Anyway I got that haircut and as always enjoyed the banter at the barber shop.  It was air conditioned so that cooled me off.  And on the way home, I stopped by a bike shop that sells Yamaha cycles.  Always nice to drool over a few new V twins........  But mostly I was enjoying their AC too.

I came right back to the house and after a longer ride the temp was really about 98.  Still that was a bunch cooler than the 106 stuff from earlier in the week.

Tonight, Ben and myself went out on another evening ride under overcast skies that are again threatening rain.  We didn't believe that was possible and rode out thru the countryside anyway.  I suppose we did about 40 miles in total, and never had a drop of rain.  It did rain last night after midnight and perhaps that will happen again tonight.

Late tonight, I became caught up in watching another watch show, but I have frozen my credit cards in a block of ice so as not to purchase anything more in the way of watches.......  Do you think we have the start of a somewhat cooler trend of temperatures?

Retired Rod


  1. All we can do is hope, If it gets down to 90 I will head for the Lake. be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  2. 95 is bearable? And Sam says "if it gets down to 90....." That's kind of hard to fathom when we're sitting here under clear, blue sunny skies at 70F.


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