Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kansas Countryside

West of Olathe, Kansas is the town of Lawrence.  This is the college town where Kansas University is located.  Its only about 30 miles over there, and for our family, it is where we sometimes purchase Toyota cars.

Today became a repair day, as we had to take my son's pickup truck back to the dealer for repairs.  Since he works in a distant city, I became elected to drive the truck while his wife followed in the car.

This is a pleasant trip, as we traveled the farm to market roads thru rural Kansas.  Oh, there is an interstate that goes out there too, but we didn't take that road.  Our road follows the South side of the old federal arsenal, where countless tons of ordinance were once kept secure.  And I am sure there are many such tons still in there, but that info would be very classified.  There is one of these places in Eastern Iowa too.

We rolled past all the tall corn fields that are now completely tasseled.   Some of the pasture ground is now very brown with the 100 degree heat.  Kansas is not overly exciting in its scenery, but the trip was very calming and away from the city, so I enjoyed it.

Once back here in the afternoon, I was back over to that lumberyard with the pickup to purchase those 2x4 studs that I needed yesterday.  Then down in the basement I installed them and cut a sheet of drywall to go over them.  I tire of that job very quickly now, and returned to the upstairs at supper time.

Another bike ride at dusk and the day was done.  We saw 102 again on the electronic weather station about 4 in the afternoon, but that is becoming common place now.

Retired Rod


  1. Got 6 inches of snow while waiting to pick up a basket ball team in Lawrence. One of those trips from hell. Hope the heat isn't getting to you.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Well you can keep your 102, I am sitting here this morning running the heat for a while just to take the morning chill out of the air. Up here in the True North we start complaining when the thermometer goes much over 75.

  3. As Jayhawks who grew up in Overland Park, we know that ride well. Thanks for taking us along!

    We'll do our best to send some of this cool mountain air here in Gunnison your way.

    Stay cool!!!


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