Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dinner party!

We just returned from an enjoyable evening at the home of our son and daughter in law Chris and Melissa.  They had home made and baked thin crust pizza and it was scrumptious.  Along with a fresh salad wedge and home made ranch dressing, I am making myself hungry again......

We sat out on the back deck as the stars came out, and the night was cool and almost delicious.  But we had a puppy back here at the house that needed to be let out for her evening chores, so we had to call it short, but thanks Chris and Mel.

Today was just another day in the basement, hanging inuslation and deciding that with every piece that was hung, it was getting darker and darker down there.

When we first moved in here, I painted all the concrete walls bright white, so the rooms were bright and seemed fairly large.  But as the wood and now the brown craft paper of the insulation is going up on all the walls, it has become dark and dingy.

So late in the afternoon, I decided that we needed some more lights in the ceiling.  Or the floor joist as the ceiling will be added as a drop ceiling later.  It was over to the lumber yard for more electrical parts, and another couple of rolls of insulation.

So with my late blooming project of adding boxes for lights to the floor joist at 4 PM, we were late getting to the supper party.  The new electrical boxes will become connection points for the can lights in the new suspended ceiling when we get that far so the work will not be lost, or temporary.

I still have three rolls of insulation to hang again in the morning, if I don't go play hookey instead.

Retired Rod


  1. The meal sounds delicious. Can't wait to see pictures of your finished project.

  2. I, too, am looking forward to seeing the fruits of all your labors. Homemade pizza - wow.

  3. Pictures of your progress would be great to see, Rod. Lot of work going on there.


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