Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lakeside Laughter

My only trip out of the lake home today was about 4 miles West to a quick shop gas station with three 5 gallon jugs.  The jet ski needs fuel to play the game!!  The newer jet ski that I purchased last fall is actually more fuel efficient than the old one.

But it is 1500 cc engine and 4 cylinder 4 cycle, where as the old one was 750 cc 2 cycle.  It is not twice as powerful, and does not use twice the fuel, but it does use more than the old one.  All of this means you take more jugs with you to the gas station.

And when my younger son and daughter in law arrived with their youngest daughter, the dock and swimming and jet skiing went into full force.  We already had the older two kids here, so there are 7 of us and Biscuit.  She has three kids to follow and doesn't know who to chase first.

The older kids had been swimming since early morning, so naps were in order late in the afternoon. By late evening we were bar be cuing bacon wrapped turkey breast fillets.  It was awful, but somebody had to eat it!

So a day with the family at the lake has come to an end, and all the tired kids are off to bed.  But grandpa snuck in a nap  late in the afternoon, so I am blogging away.

Hope you had fun at your Holiday party as well!

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like a great day to me. Hope you can have many more while your at the Lake. be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Family, that's what it is all about Rod.Enjoy your time with them.

  3. I'll bet Biscuit's having a ball with all those kids around to play with. She'll be one tired puppy tonight!!

    I'll bet you and Loyce will be too!

    Have a great 4th tomorrow!


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