Sunday, July 31, 2011

Motor home work, in the humidity.

We seem to have cooled down some, as we are not in the 100s any more!  And that would be a good thing too, except............  When we had the 100 degree temps, we had about 45% humidity and like being in Arizona, it was a stifling but dry heat.

But today we were at 94 or there about, but as I currently look at the weather station, it is showing 86% humidity.  If you do anything outside, you rain perspiration!   I went over and brought the motor home to our house with the intentions of working some inside of it.  And it is still sitting outside at the curb.

I did go from one auto parts store to the next looking for a replacement indoor outdoor thermometer for the automobile application.  Finally at the fourth store they had just what I wanted.  Well it had a clock in it, and I didn't really want that, but if it will tell the temperature correctly while I drive the coach, it will be perfect.

I have an old one that I purchased at Radio Shack, but it must have a broken wire or a bad sensor, as it changes its mind every ten seconds about the temperature outside.  The inside sensor works, but it is on the list to be replaced, if it ever cools down enough to work on it.  I did intend to scrub the bugs off of the front windshield, but see the post above about the high humidity.

Instead, Ben and his family called and suggested that we go to a TV bar and grill called the Other Place that is not far from our homes.  They have an early Saturday special for the kids meals before the bar crowd arrives at 9 PM.  So kiddy Pizza's and corn dogs were happily gobbled by the grand kids.

I stuck to the basic build a burger and fries.  But it was a good burger and grand daughter Ema helped me eat the fries....

The motor scooter stayed in the garage all day today, as he was taking a day off........

Retired Rod


  1. When I lived in VA, I never did get used to the humidity. Montana is pretty dry and I like it so much better. I agree, the bugs can wait.

  2. Sure doesn't sound like a day for doing much work, not in that humidity. Dinner out sounded good though especially with the Grandkids.

  3. Good to give that scooter a rest..i'm glad you went to the "other place" instead of the "other Place"!:-)


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