Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New tires and Wall board!

Today was another busy day, as we planned to go get my son's travel trailer and get some new tires put on it.  The catch is that my son is working in Dallas, Texas!  But we were in luck because his wife Melissa, is also a driver of the truck and trailer combo.

I was just along for moral support, and perhaps if things were broken and needed some repair.  We didn't find anything broken, but it was much easier to hook up the trailer with two of us.  She was doing the backing up and I was trying to guide her into that exact spot to drop it on the ball.

The entire trip was uneventful, just the way we had hoped.  The only event, was that the people at the tire place slapped the tires on the rim and began to mount them without balancing them.  I griped and bit.ched a lot.  Well, until the manager began to mount them and balance them himself.  We had them take the wheels back off that were not balanced and do it over.

Later in the afternoon, we went over to a trailer place in Missouri, and purchased some small parts for the hitch on their truck.  Several years ago, we had purchased the hitch at this store, and we were surprised and pleased to find that they had parts.  The fellow installed them right on the counter, and didn't even charge any labor.  He was interested that his hitch lasted for longer than three years and only charged us for the little parts.

Back at our house, the dry wall delivery truck had arrived, and fellows were carrying 60 sheets of dry wall into the basement.  They had a truck with an extending boom.  It picked up about half of the sheets at one time and extended them on the boom across the yard towards the door.

The fellows were picking up the two sheet bundles from the truck arm and carrying them into the house and down to the basement. It cost $75 to have them do that, but oh my heavens is that worth every penny!!!

We are to have the contractor come back here in the morning, and the dry wall is to be installed.  They claim it will only take a couple of days.........  As we get closer to having a room rather than bare walls!!

Retired Rod


  1. Good to see the tire job went smooth, I too believe in balancing the tires, although I've had some say it's not necessary. Great that you room is nearing completion. be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  2. I can't believe it was only $75 to unload that dry wall. That's a great price. Getting closer to done with the room - priceless.

  3. That $75 is worth every penny. Drywall is back breaking work. Sounds like your project is coming along nicely. Lots for you to supervise now - it sure beats working!!


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