Friday, July 15, 2011

Mowing and Washing

I was up and outside at 7:30 this morning to mow the yard.  It was already showing in the high 80s and the sun on the spring thermometer had it pegged over 100.  Loyce had done some of the trimming last night as it was becoming dark, so I had the John Deere work.

It didn't take quite an hour and the entire job was done including the weed eater trimming.  I purchased a new Black and Decker weed eater that runs on a battery and looks just like the one Al of the Bayfield Bunch has purchased.  It was just happen stat that we bought matching models, or we both shop at the same store......

Any way I was back down in that pesky basement putting in temporary light switches and piecing scraps of wall board into the storage areas.  This lasted until afternoon, but I am really tired of that project and just turned out the lights and came upstairs.

I went over and got the motorhome in the middle of the afternoon, and came back to the house.  It was filthy, as we drove in rain on the way back from Red Bay.  So in the afternoon heat of the day, I was out washing the rig. It was 96, and I almost had heat stroke in the sun.

Plus the dark paint heats and drys the surface before you can chamois it off, so though it is now clean, it is  also very spotty.

We hope to use the rig this weekend if all goes well.  Just to get out of the house and on the road for a short trip.  Perhaps we will have a run without mechanical failures........or maybe not.

If we actually get somewhere, I will blog about it tomorrow or the next day.

Retired Rod

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  1. Hope you do get out in your rig this weekend so you'll be away from all the work in the basement!!


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