Saturday, July 16, 2011

Road Trip on a HOT day!

Tonight we are in an RV park in Branson, Missouri.  We came down here during the day today and it was quite hot.  I'm not sure how hot, but the AC units were working overtime and not keeping up.

We left about 10:30, but immediately ran into construction on US 71 highway South of KC.  They had the lanes reduced down to a single thru lane and folks were fighting trying to merge.  I became tired of the cars trying to push each other out of the way and began to drive right in the middle with the motor home so that no one could pass me.

That forced folks to merge into a single lane behind me, and then a semi did the same thing and between the two of us we solved all the scrambling.  It was almost comical, as we almost immediately began to move faster.  That slow down cost us about an hour,

We stopped in Clinton, Mo in a Wal Mart parking lot and drove the car over to Wendy's for a burger.  That was where we started the generator and both roof ACs.  It was never off after that.  I even had a pedestal fan running as well.

We stopped for diesel in Springfield, at $3.75 a gallon, and purchased $150.  That was only 40 gallons.

The traffic in Branson in notorious for being sooo slow.  We just crawled out here to the Music Land campground.  I had made a reservation ahead, but it would not have been necessary.  It must be too hot to camp.  I did see 101 on the dash of the CRV as I was returning back to the campground later  this afternoon.

Our son Chris and his family are here also, and Grandma joined them in the White Water attraction which has giant water slides and wave pools.  They have plans to go back again tomorrow, but I will hang back as the sun will fry me.  To much of a red head......

So the basement will have to wait for a while, and that is quite all right with me, LOL.

Retired Rod

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  1. Hey Rod there is a neat Military store on the main drag where you can get a US Navy Viet Nam Vet Tee like I did.Having drove the charter bus for a couple of years i think I have been to every show in Brannson, also the Golden Buffet is the worlds largest, a must eat for one night. be safe out there, Sam & Donna,....


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