Saturday, July 2, 2011

Holliday at the Lake begins

An hour by hour replay of today would be the most boring thing you ever read!   So it will suffice to say that I am now at the Lake cabin in Lake Ozark, Missouri.

I did go over to Harbor Freight this morning looking for a box of staples for the air nail brad gun.  And of course I found a much bigger half inch drill.  But since the project is mostly complete in the basement, I didn't buy it. And I hope it will be quite a while before I get myself into wiring about half a house again.........  Or at least until my spouse decides we are starting on another of these projects.....

Again the trip down here to the lake is over roads that I have traveled repeatedly and I actually see very little.  I think you only notice things that have changed, when you have taken the same roads repeatedly. Things in the back country of Missouri change very slowly.  And I didn't go thru any of the tornado ravaged areas either, so there is not much to report.

Once here tonight, the smoke detectors were beeping away non stop.  This house has six of them.  And if one beeps they are all wired together so they all beep.  Loyce has been putting up with that all day and thru the night last night too.  Two of the detectors are up in the top of a 12 foot ceiling so I headed over to Home Depot and purchased Lithium batteries for them.  It is advertised that those will last 10 years.  The other four are on 8 foot ceilings and easily reached with a step ladder, so they just got ordinary energizers.  Since we are never here on January first, we change the batteries on July 1.....

We have the grand kids here with us tonight, the two oldest ones, and Loyce is played out.  And of course I played hooky all day by not getting here until after supper.  But one thing is for sure, I didn't go down into the basement and start working on stuff again either..

Tomorrow the holiday weekend actually begins!!!!

Retired Rod


  1. Ah the Lake, be heading for our Lake paradise on Tuseday morning, after a stop for groceries,Hope you get to enjoy the Grands and don't get waterlogged, If I had a helicopter I would just fly down there and surprise you by buzzing your lake home. Did that quite a few times for the girls when I was in the Navy. got one complaint for lifting shingles(supposedly) of a roof. Be safe pout there. Sam & Donna..

  2. I'm impressed with your self control by not buying that new drill. Not sure Jim could have made it out of there without it. So now, Loyce gets to take it easy today while you wrestle the grandkids - right?

  3. Take it easy and enjoy the time with your family. Hope the weather's good for the holiday.


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