Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot continues....

It reached 105 degrees again today on my electronic weather station.  I didn't bother to take another picture of it because it is so common place now that it will seem strange when the temps don't make 100.

I think we will have to rob a bank to pay for the Air Conditioning this month!!!

Biscuit thanks all of her supporters for the nice comments about her new hair cut, but she is still looking at me wondering where her fur went to.  Perhaps she will get over it in a few more days, but when Loyce took her on a walk this morning she was skipping all around and excited as ever to go.  They only lasted 30 minutes, and they were back dripping wet.  Well mommy was dripping, Biscuit just hopped in her bed and went back to sleep.

I did have a surprise tonight, as my younger son called and wanted to know if I had seen a message he sent me on email.  And I hadn't.  But it seems that he went over into Missouri and purchased a used motor cycle from a fellow that had it listed.  A 2004 Honda VTX 1300.  I is very black and quite low slung and a previous owner had added chrome wheels and new tires.  So we made a plan to ride a little at sunset.

And so at about 8 PM I went over to Ben's and we went out for a short ride around the outskirts of Olathe.  Ben had a bike back in his college years, so he is way more accomplished as a rider than his father.  But his skills are a tad rusty, but I am betting we can remedy that with some miles.

So, a really hot day comes to a close, as it is raining off in the South of the county but still 83 outside.  The rain is just the heat cooking any remaining moisture out of the atmosphere, but maybe we might get a bit before morning.  Still the AC hasn't cycled off all day, and tomorrow is forecast to be just as bad.

Retired Rod

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  1. I think it's great when father and son can do things together. Whatever it may be. Whether bikes or cars.


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