Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another day in the basement, and sneaking away!

Its interesting that everyone is complaining about how hot it has been, and it seems so relative as to the temperatures they report as hot.

I know that when I was riding the motor scooter over for Wendy's and a drywall knife at Lowes this afternoon it was over 100 on my scooter dash thermometer.  Well I saw 107 once but it was always 103 and such as I rode along.  The asphalt is really a scorcher as it absorbs the sun.

But I came home and found that it was only 98 on my home thermometer.  Well it didn't matter much because I was working on some drywall compound for the part of the walls that I covered.  The part that the contractor installed are still just like he left them.  It was relatively cool in the basement, so I was just working away.

Every time I came up the stairs today, I made sure that I had an armful of drywall debris.  It went in the outside can and several boxes to be picked up tomorrow.  I'm not sure the trash guys will take the stuff, but time will tell.

But back to relative temps.  The folks that are up North are complaining that its reached 90 and how hot it is.  Here in KC, we are complaining that it is 100, and the Texans have 105, but checking on forecasts for Mesa, Az, I see that they have routinely had 110.  So, perhaps we really don't know what hot is all about compared to those fine folks.  Ya, I know, its a dry heat.  But heat is heat no matter how you look at it!

I went out for a ride tonight at about dusk, and rode off into the sunset, way over beyond Gardner.  It was relatively nice at 91, and almost felt cool when it dropped below 90 to 89 out in the country.  But when I got back to the city, it was right back at 93 again and it was completely dark by then.  Still without the sun beating down on your helmet and the wind in your face, it is sure better than that 104 stuff in the middle of the afternoon.

And yes I could take the car over to Wendy's, but it is all closed up and about 120 inside.  You never do get it cooled off in the mile and a half over to Wendy's, so really the bike is almost better.  But at the lumber yard, I was remembering that I needed some 2x4 studs, and its is kind of hard to bring them home on the bike!

Just another day in South KC......

Retired Rod


  1. Good thing you didn't decided to renovate your basement instead of your attic. It's probably about 5000 degrees up there about now. Totally agree with your first paragraph. I complain about our humidity here sometimes & a friend in Florida comes back with, "aw that's nothing, you should feel it down here." I have been to Florida in the summer & felt the humidty & like you said, it's all relative to where you are. So, it's another miserable hot humid day here!!!!

  2. Heat is also relative to your body. Here in the great white north we are conditioned for winter and yesterday at 92F was way too hot for me! I'm not sure what the humidex was and not sure I want to know. I like my summers to be in the 75F area but the last couple of years we feel like we are just north of KC!

  3. My old body just doesn't like hot - whether it's 90 or 100. But it also doesn't like cold either. Where oh where is my utopia?

  4. My old body just doesn't like hot - whether it's 90 or 100. But it also doesn't like cold either. Where oh where is my utopia?

  5. I was looking for your little Cavalier's picture. Gingee is my girl doggie Cavalier. She turns 3 on Thursday. Levonne, A Camp Host's Meanderings: An RV Adventure

  6. And here in the pacific northwest, on Whidbey Island, we - and all the locals - are complaining about the gloomy skies and rain! Then I turn on the news and see what's going on in the rest of the country... OUCH! I'm not a fan of rain and clouds but, in an RV, far better than 100+ degrees. Thanks for helping straighten me out! :)


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