Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Work Day!!

Last night I went out about 10:30 and put our car and truck out in the street.  I knew they would be back early and be ready to make paint fly.  It was below freezing, but he went to the store and picked up the paint and it was warm.  As it warmed  outside and was above freezing the paint began to fly.

I turned around and went to the basement and began my own painting project.

Mid afternoon, I went to Home Depot and investigated the purchase of carpet for the new remodel, and learned that you have to have them come and measure your project for $50 in order to purchase carpet.

But the $50 applies to installation which is $97 for any size of room.  Wow that is cheap, and they had some special deals on carpet, so I think we have a carpet vendor.  I brought home samples and Loyce picked one almost instantly, so perhaps we have that decided if nothing jumps the track.

Back home our house is now completely dark brown.  Windows, doors, the trim and everything.  Tomorrow they claim they will paint the trim and do all the small jobs to make us a finished product.

We continue to progress.  I do have a full time job, its this sticks and bricks house.  I seem to work on it 24/7........

Retired Rod

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  1. Yep - full time job. That's why we don't have one. We have the other full time job - keeping the fiver together.


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