Sunday, October 16, 2011

More on Wal Mart

I have to admit, that I kind of enjoy seeing how suspect it will be at the Wal Mart service department.   And yes I have written several stories about the fiascos that have ensued from some of the wilder experiences.  But often times things go just as planned, and I get a quick oil change while the boss shops.

I never let it get too far out of line, because just how hard can it be to take off a filter and drain a few quarts of oil?  I have purchased a couple of tires at times, or had my wheels balanced, but that about draws the line on Wal Mart's service.  None of us have had very good luck with Wal Mart batteries, but I have used the ones at Sam's Club without problems.  For some reason they are not the same brand!

And yes there are all kinds of service facilities around here and one of the most popular is Valvoline franchises that specialize in the oil of my choice, but.......  They are almost twice the price, so my cheap bone wins out, almost every time.

I will make up for it later this month, because it is time to change the oil in the motor home, and it will have to go to the Freightliner dealer, and that will not be cheap, or anywhere near it.  But then it takes 17 quarts with a filter.  I did change it once out at the curb here in front of the house, but dealing with that much used oil and not spilling it all over is quite the challenge.  My drain pan doesn't hold that much oil so you have to drain about half of it and then quick like put the plug back in to stop it coming out.

If something happens that you can't get it stopped, what do you do now?  I had two drain pans under there with me when I took the plug out and switched pans about half way thru.  Still I didn't enjoy dumping 4 gallons and several quarts back in.  The filler neck is inconvenient, and the whole job is best left to the truck folks.  Used diesel oil is soooo black and dirty to deal with!!

But speaking of RVs, I went out to Olathe Ford RV which is about 20 miles away from home here and purchased an oil filter for the Onan generator.  It only holds about 3 quarts and a little more for the filter, so I usually do change it myself.  The original equipment filter is $16.95, which is beyond pricey for a simple oil filter.  I'm sure there is probably an aftermarket filter that is much more reasonable, but I have never researched the question.

Loyce and I discussed going after the motorhome, but decided that it would be best to do it on a week day.  Our pesky neighbor called the cops again on one of the other neighbors that had a boat in his driveway last week.  They sent two squad cars in order to put a little yellow notice slip on the boat with a piece of tape.  We need some of these folks to go to work while I change that oil.  You do have to pull about 20 bolts out of the case of the generator to get inside, and that takes some time.

Especially since I am still crippled up and slower than normal.

I spent most of today painting down in the bathroom, on my hands and knees.  Well mostly sitting on my behind on the floor.  Trim work in white enamel is soooo slow.  I did paint part of the door, with a roller, and it came out looking all right.  I was worried about brush marks, but the spongy roller left a nice texture instead.  I still have to do the door jamb and 5 more............

Retired Rod


  1. I got my last oil change done at Speedco and they were pretty reasonable, did the genny also.

  2. Reminds me I have to take our Chev Duramax into the GM dealers for an oil change and service before we leave. I don't even think about trying to do it myself as mechanical jobs are not my strong suit.

    For a guy who says he's 'crippled up' you sure are doing a lot more work than me! Maybe it's because I'm just lazy!!

  3. I took my truck to Valvoline a couple of years ago in NY and it was the cheapest oil change I ever had with that truck, about $75. They were quick and charged a bit less than the estimate. I had a great mechanic here in Sacramento, but the cost usually ran around $120, and that was still cheaper than most places. I wouldn't have even considered going to a Walmart.

  4. The only reason I go to Walmart for oil changes is because they sell Valvoline oil, so they put that in, for a small extra charge, of course.

    When I took it to JiffyLube, they just deducted $2 off the cost of the oil change because I had brough my $20 worth of Valvoline to them!!

    I heard from a very reputable mechanic, that the Valvoline oil is mined from a different area, and that is what makes it better. I don't know if is true, but race cars use it.

    So how is Biscuit, you haven't mentioned her for a while?


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