Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I didn't sleep well, and Biscuit is groomed.

This day was mostly a bust for me as I didn't sleep very well last night.  I kept walking up about every half hour in fairly sever back pain.  I feared the fever was coming back, so I kept taking tylenol every four hours.  But sleep wouldn't come.

This morning Loyce called the Doctors at the KU Med Center and they didn't want to mess with it at all for fear I would need to be rehospitalized.  So the long and short of it is that I am back on the strong Anti Biotic again.

Loyce has been calling around making all kinds of appointments for all of us and took today to finish some of that work.  Biscuit was the subject of that attention today as she had to go to the dog shop and have her long hair cut back.  She was over there early in the morning, but we later learned that she wouldn't be done until mid afternoon.

So she sat in her little crate and howled for the lady all day long.  She doesn't like the place or the very senior lady that runs it.  The lady has arthritis and is beyond retirement age, but is forced to continue to work.  She is grumpy, grumpy when you get there and we have asked ourselves why we continue with her.  But we have, and Biscuit has provided quite the challenge as she will not sit still and moans and brays the entire time.

In the middle of the afternoon, I went down and began to paint more mop board.  I suppose about 25 more feet, and then after cleaning up the brush and roller, I filled the rest of the nail holes in the room.  That will help me see the end of this project for the enamel white, but I will have to go back and touch up the brown walls again.  I have nothing but time.

When Loyce came home with Biscuit and my prescription, we both fell sound asleep in the big recliner in the middle of the basement room.  That is not like Biscuit, she is a pillar of energy, but not after grooming.........

She is still in the chair beside me all zonked out as I type this.  I think this is only about the third or fourth time she has been groomed so in many ways she is still a puppy.

Retired Rod

Loyce thanks those of you that left Birthday wishes!!


  1. Where is the photo of the new do Biscuit has??? Sorry you aren't feeling well Rod!

  2. Thank God you don't have to have Lab's groomed, Sadie isn't bad when she goes, but the price they charge is ridiculous, maybe if they included a flea bath and manicure I wouldn't gripe so much but basically they get a haircut and a ribbon.Keep on plugging at that basement,Waiting for the last two bid's to come in the mail before i call the adjuster to come, if it isn't covered, I will have to look for another retirement job. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. Probably a stupid question, but could the back pain have anything to do with all the bending and stretching you've been doing with the painting? Our girls don't need much grooming - thank goodness. But oh those nail clippings are so traumatizing. But I also think it might be time to find a different groomer. One that might be a little more patient with Biscuit. Maybe that would help.

  4. I think a day at the groomer's is also stressful for little dogs. I know our pups are always very tired when they get back home and just want to lay down and relax. I'm sure Biscuit is very happy to be back home.

  5. Feel bad for Biscuit...pretty bad day I guess. Hope both of you get some rest tonight.


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