Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wal Mart again!

Ya well, I use Wal Mart because I am, well, frugal.   Cheap!  Their basic oil change is now $31.99 and that includes 5 quarts of oil.  You can't buy the oil and the filter and do it your self for much less than that now.

But not all Wal Marts are created equal, and the one I have been going to, is over in the older part of town.  But it it the newest one we have around here at about 4 years old.  And it has a staff with a fairly good attitude.  But with that said, I went over with Loyce's CRV to get it serviced this morning.

I specifically asked for the $31.99 oil change, with Valvoline oil, and when they were done the price was  suddenly over $60.  I asked, what gives?  Well they gave me the synthetic oil change, isn't that what I wanted?  Well no,  I asked for the regular oil change.  The rocket scientist at the counter decided that I needed to either pay up or wait for them to redrain the expensive oil out and put in the cheap stuff.

Let's see, you are going to throw away the $40 worth of oil and then put in another $25 worth, so you can charge me $32, I think I need to see the manager!  He made a bit more sense offering to discount the $60 charge back to $40 since I would actually get the good oil.  Well OK then, but it took them about another 10 minutes to get that deal into the computer so they could ring it up.

Next it was over to the local glass shop to pick up the mirror that I had ordered for the basement bathroom.  And of course I got the newest clerk trainee that couldn't find the spring clips to mount it on the wall or couldn't ring the whole deal up on the computer system.  I did con her into putting the mirror into the back of the car so I wouldn't have to lift it.

Back home, I spent the afternoon messing around with a tube of silicone bathroom caulk.  It needed to be spread all around the walls where the bar counter and the bathroom vanity contact the wall.  I am not a very good caulk spreader, so needless to say I cleaned up as much that was spread in the wrong places than spread in the right spots.  While over at Wal Mart, I had purchased a spreader gizmo that had the rubber end on it so that you could smooth the stuff out without using your fingers.

After a while I got on to it, but like usual, the project was mostly over by the time I got so I could do it correctly.......

Finally Loyce and I rebuilt some shelving in the remodeled storage closet and I carried a whole bunch of stuff over so she could stack it on the rebuilt shelving.

Now where did this day go?  I still spent time in the recliner on extended breaks, but I am getting stronger by the day.

Retired Rod


  1. It seems like I remember blog posts in the past where you have had trouble with the oil changes. Isn't there an independent mechanic near you? I've found they are usually reasonable in price and a lot smarter.

  2. Glad you're feeling better and getting stronger, got to get to AZ this winter!

  3. Good deal on the oil change at Walmart. Like I said before - you are a good customer!

  4. Hey Rod..After all I've heard about Walmart..I went and purchased 2 new tyres for Joyce's truck while she was shopping today. She usually is in the store 2hrs. her record is 3.5 hrs in a Safeway..A 2 week trip takes us 4..Sean said it would be ready in 30 min. 20 min later the wheels were being torqued down.He then took it around the being me asked if the wheels went around o.k.?
    He said yes then retorqued down. I have never in my life seen a shop go this far for a customer.. So the next Walmart anyone should visit is in Chelan Wa.


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