Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Purchasing carpet.

Today I learned the curse of remodeling your basement.  Since basements are full of stuff that is necessary to run your house upstairs, and the house has to be supported by posts or weight bearing walls, it is necessary to frame all around these things.

So you end up with cut up floor plans, and closets out in the middle of the room, and posts that have to be carpeted around causing seams where you otherwise wouldn't put them.  So as I went over to the local Home Depot to order the carpet for the basement, I learned that the room is 600 square feet but.............

In order to carpet the room with a minimum of seams that run straight thru the room, I will need to purchase 680 square feet.  The additional 80 square feet will cost over $200.  I am tight, as most of you know, and do not like to waste money, so most of that cut up 80 square feet will seem like money wasted.

On top of that, the normal lady that runs the carpet desk was gone on her day off, and they had to call for a replacement person that took quite a while to show up.   But then he didn't know how to run the computer system.  He couldn't even change the color selection.  Not the carpet selection, just the color to one selection lighter.

They had to call over the intercom all over the store for another lady that ran the entire store to come over and help the first guy.  So while I was trying to get used to paying $200 more than I had expected, the store people were stumbling all over themselves trying to write up a simple purchase.

I did manage to get control of my emotions and decide that I was going to see this thru, and the last lady did get the transaction finalized before I bolted out the door.  I did have the $50 measure invested, and I would have lost that money, and the next folks would have probably lost just as much in the cut up room.  It is just how this sort of thing goes.

Back home, I went back down and began to paint the mop boards.  Crawling on the floor caused my stomach muscles to be used far more than standing up or sitting.  I made it about 2 and a half hours before I couldn't stand it any more.  So mid afternoon, I was washing out the brushes and roller.

I did change to the brown wall color and went around and painted out my mistakes where the white was on the wall color.  But after that brush was cleaned I was in the chair and sound asleep for the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight I am watching the world series, and as a cardinal fan I am scared to death by the texas folks......  But I don't want to jinx them so that is all I will say about that.

By the way, Loyce is 39 today................again!  LOL  Happy Birthday dear!

Retired Rod


  1. Happy Birthday Loyce.

    Some days shopping is just so difficult because of the people you have to deal with. Guess it's not just shopping but customer service in general. Just listen to your body and take your naps.

  2. Happy Birthday, Loyce! What's a youngster like you (39) doing with an old geezer like Rod?

    Your making me tired just reading about all this work you're doing - take it easy!!

  3. Birthday greetings Loyce...have a happy one.

  4. A big happy birthday wish for Loyce!


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