Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Floor painting finished!

The reason I didn't catch on to the fact that the wifi problem was here in the house, was that the router was still plugged in and you could sign on just like normal.  And I have to admit, that had I been using windows 7 it would have told me that the internet wasn't present.  But since I use Ubuntu, it doesn't have that feature.

So with the cable modem off, but the wifi router still working, I was able to connect like everything was good.  It just didn't go anywhere.  Oh well, I figured it out in the end, once I got off my duff and investigated .

Now today, we have an overcast day and it never got up over the mid 50s all day.  And tonight, it is 45 as I am typing this.  I didn't let that bother me much as I had that large date with the paint rolled in the basement, so I went down there and stayed, until the floor was finished.

I literally painted myself out the door.  I left a path from the center of the room to the door that was unpainted as I painted various sections of the floor.  Then sliding the big bucket of paint backwards, I rolled as I retreated to the basement door.  By about 4:30 I was up washing up the brush in the upstairs sink.

Well by then, my eyes became heavy so the nap took about an hour or more.  But, I did run the roller on the paint pole from the standing position all day, without riding around in the chair.  That will probably make me sore tonight, but it is an improvement over previous days.

Tonight, I went back down once the paint was fairly dry and began to fill nail holes.  I have decided to use a silicone caulk product on the mop boards as it is way easier to fill the holes and smooth out the finished product.  The wood filler product is thick and hard to work with.  But I will use it in the bathroom where the moisture is much more intense.

It is now almost midnight, so I will sign off here and get at it again in the morning.  We had to turn on the heat tonight, that's a bad sign.....

Retired Rod


  1. We turned the heat on yesterday too. I don't think we made it into the 50 mark yesterday.

    Glad you're coming along and getting things done and not overdoing it.

  2. You do realize you are a trouble maker don't you? LOL And I've never heard of Ubuntu before. Here in AZ we are running the air conditioner all day. At least at night there's enough of a breeze that we can turn the air off. Hope you can move today without too much pain.

  3. Seemed like you have a tough job, but it's always the pleasure seeing the beauty of the finished product.


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