Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bar Fridge

Today I decided that I needed to go source that under counter bar refrigerator.  I started with the internet, and looked up the ones at Lowes.  They handle Frigidaire and it looks OK, but the reviews are just awful.   They are not just bad, folks come right out and say it won't run for a year and title their reviews don't buy it.

Well enough said for me,  So I went to the Sears web site.  But looking at the reviews here, taught me that they were made by Frigidaire, so what to do about that now.  Then I thought about our local furniture store Nebraska Furniture Mart up in Omaha.  They have a big big store out by the Kansas Speedway.

I brought up their web site, but it was really slow.  So I called!  The salesman was quite good and convinced me that I needed to go take a look.  Road Trip in the pickup!

Its about 20 miles up there, and that turned out to be about as far as I could stand.  Every expansion joint bounced my surgery.........

But I hobbled in and bought the stainless steel front model.  I already knew all about it, so I just had the salesman write it up.  This model is all fridge and has no freezer, since no one uses the little freezer anyway, just load it up with drinks and be ready for the game.

I got in line and waited to be loaded up.  They take your number and meet you in a lettered driveway.  The big guy tossed it in the back of the truck like it weighed 5 pounds, and I was off back to Overland Park.

The ride back was just about as bad, but I stopped at Wendy's to break up the time duration.  Once you are not going 70mph then the bouncing isn't nearly as bad.

Tonight, my son Ben came over and took the fridge inside and out of the box.  Its under its new counter, and running away hopefully becoming cold.  I did grab another nap after returning home, these outings are strenuous, but hopefully increasing my strength.

I just can not sit here on my sore hind end all day......

Retired Rod


  1. You are definitely doing better. And that's wonderful. I was a little concerned you might be trying to lift that fridge so was glad to read your son took care of it for you.

  2. Every day a little bit better and I was glad to see your tracks on another blog I read anticipating your trip to Arizona.

    We are rapidly checking off our last doctor visits and getting our rig ready to head south soon. So hopefully we won't have used up all the sun before you and Loyce get there.

  3. Glad to hear you are doing absolutely essential and worthwhile tasks on your ventures out, Rod. You need to have cold drinks at hand always while watching football games on TV. Enjoy!

  4. I bought Donnie a small fridge a few months back, and it works well for his beer, and it frees up my fridge space. It fits right under the counter in the bedroom, and we wish we had bought it when we first started traveling.


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