Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Picking paint colors.

We have been planning on getting our house painted ever since the big hail stones fell back in April of this year, and we have a neighbor that is a paint contractor which we have called to do the job.  Back in May!!

He is evidently in real demand because we still are several back on his list.  But we are on the horizon, so we have been discussing the color to be used.  We won't change the base color much but have not decided on the complementary color.  The ideas are fast and all over the place.

So this morning I went over to get another quart of test color.  This time a quite dark brown.  Once back home, I painted some of the trim boards around our garage door with a small brush for about a half hour.   And we like it, but............   I am scared that a little of a good thing will goooooooo a loooooong way.  Perhaps we will use it some in limited amounts.....

Once back inside, I worked in the basement to get an older recliner out of the back storage area, and took its back off.  And no, I didn't lift it, I kind of rolled it into the main room, where I put its back back on.  And I had to sit in it to see how it felt, and about 2 hours disappeared....  So much for my stamina coming back.

I did manage to wake back up and install a light fixture over the sink in the bathroom.  One of those light bar things with the multiple bulbs.    I had to get on the two step ladder and drill and use the drill as a screw gun and then I had to go use that recliner again.

But after supper tonight I managed to install the formica on the end of the bar counter.  It Irons on with the glue melting from the heat.  Tomorrow it will need to be filed and sanded to match the counter top.

So ever so slowly I am getting back into projects to keep me from sitting on my duff all the time.  There are a million nail holes to be filled and all the trim boards to be painted before the carpet can be ordered, so it may or may not get finished before we leave for Arizona.  Only time will tell.

Oh, the new fridge not only made the pop cold, it froze some of it........  I'll need to turn that setting down some....... LOL

Retired Rod


  1. It sounds like you're listening to your body pretty good. When it says enough it's time for a nap, take that nap. You are still getting a lot done. Especially the little projects that can be so time consuming.

  2. Sounds like things are coming together up there although I was curious about where all the nail holes came from in that new drywall.

    One line in particular brought Brenda and I great pleasure. "so it may or may not get finished before we leave for Arizona."

  3. Leave the work if you have to - it'll still be waiting when you get back from Arizona!

    I never have to worry or even think about paint colors, I just say "yes dear, that looks great"!


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