Monday, October 10, 2011


Take back the excess day, was the order of business today.  For the last several days, Loyce and I have been carrying the parts and pieces out of the basement that we didn't end up using over the last several weeks.

The pile didn't seem all that big, but when we brought up the 12 foot pieces of ceiling T and mop board that were left over the pile seemed to grow.  And on Friday when the plumber declined to use the brass valves that I had purchased at $10 each the value of the pile began to increase.

So this morning, I decided to load it all out into the pickup.  Slowly, a couple of trips at a time and then into the recliner to sit and watch the games for a while.  Then a couple of trips again.  A pile of ceiling tiles and 44 cross tees.  A bundle of floor tile and the plumbing parts.....

Eventually it was all out there, so I watched KC beat Indy and decided it was time to go return it all.  Its about 4 miles, and the trip seemed slow on the Sunday driver circuit.  But eventually I was digging it all out of the truck onto one of those roll around carts.

It was about all I could do to push it up the hill into the store, so go slow was the way to progress.  The kid at the cash register return scanned my credit card and began to look for the purchases over the last several weeks.

This didn't go too well, because I was buying bundles of products, and bringing back individual pieces, but they separated the stuff into two piles, of the stuff they could find and the stuff they didn't think I bought from them.

Of course I bought it all from them, but I could only get store credit on the stuff that was purchased in bundles.  Some of the prices were what I paid and others were a bit less.  But then at the end they gave me an individual price on base cove that I had purchased in a bundle and that more than made up for the short fall in money.

So I got about $150 back on the credit card, and got a gift card for another $125.  I didn't worry much about the gift card, as I went and bought towel racks and TP hangers and a new light fixture for the bathroom with bulbs.  Just like that, the card only has $50 left on it now.

I need a bar refrigerator, but I didn't like the looks of the ones they sold, so perhaps that will have to come from a different store.

I was quite proud that I got all this done in one trip, so my stamina seems to be improving.  But then I came back to the house and fell asleep in the recliner for a couple of hours..........

It was good to get out of the house for a while by myself.  The surgery was four weeks ago Monday, or today as you read this.

Retired Rod


  1. Sure hope your feeling better, sounds like you are getting more done and making some progress, Wish you were feeling better, Donna & I will be in Branson for a few days during Veterans week, (Nov 5-11). Three guys who were in my Navy squadron are all meeting there, so it should be a fun time. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Sounds like things are getting a little better over your way and I can certainly see that you know we are all watching to make sure you don't overdo

    It is nice to get money back and a gift card too, even if it is actually your own cash!

  3. Definitely progress. Getting out and doing something out of the house sure is good medicine. I know it was for me when I broke my ankle and ruptured my achilles tendon. My first trip out of the house was like being let out of prison even though I was in a wheel chair. And naps are good things.

  4. Congrats on getting out to the store, Rod. That sounds like really good progress. I won't even bother to nag you about 'taking it easy'.

    However, there are a few baseball games on TV, and a dandy football game on tonight so I hope you'll take good advantage of your recliner. Heck, I think I'll do the same thing!

  5. Howdy Rod,
    Man, you lucked out!!! I sent my hired hands to the 'lumberyard' to get stuff for my job and they charged a bunch of material for one of their other jobs!!! Luckily the owner was a friend of mine and took it off of my bill.. They'ed pulled it on him before..
    Please, take it EASY!!! The older you get the slower things grow back!

    Just stay away from the bike until you can keep it upright.. Thatz when I sold mine; it kept laying down on me!!!


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