Thursday, October 20, 2011

Knock Knock Knock!

About 7:30 this morning, I heard a knocking that sounded like someone at the front door.  But the knock wasn't a friendly kind of a knock, more like a pounding.  Bang bang bang bang.  Then it went away.  For a few moments anyway, and it was back.  Bang bang bang.

As I awakened, I realized it wasn't out in front but rather on the side of the house to the West.  And it was hammer pounding.  The painters were back and hard at it.  The outside temperature was 34, and there was a frost on the ground in the shadows.

Eventually as I was eating breakfast, our neighbor that runs the painting crew came in the house and we discussed the colors that Loyce wants to use.  I say that because it isn't democratic here at our house about the colors.  She has ten votes and I have one.  So brown is in, and much darker than I would have chosen.  Think a fudgesickle  brown with mocha coffee trim.  It will look ok in the end, and I really don't have much of an opinion as long as it fits into the neighborhood and isn't purple or something.

They must have replaced a whole bunch of the nails in the siding because the pounding lasted almost all day.  They have industrial square packages of caulk that are about a foot square, and they emptied a couple of them.

We have plastic all over the windows and paper taped to the driveway and concrete where things aren't to be oversprayed.

I just worked in the basement and left them alone.  It never was over the mid 50s outside, so the basements was much warmer.  I finished the shelves that I had begun yesterday and painted both sides of a door and took the jamb all apart and filled all the nail holes.  This job is so slow.  In all the days that I have worked on the trim wood, I have used about a half of a gallon of paint.

I think that much of that has been washed down the drain, as you have to clean up your brush and roller quite often because the paint dries on them while you are sanding and preparing for the next application.

After I went to Wendys this afternoon, I was just sick of  working on the project and sat upstairs in the big chair reading blogs.  I did drive around some after going to Wendy's and found that after about 2 miles, it still made the surgery hurt.  So I'm exactly ready to head to Arizona quite yet.........

Retired Rod


  1. I wrap my paint tray, including any paint left in it, roller, and brush inside a large plastic garbage bag. You can use Saran wrap but I think the big bag is easier and it can be re-used the next day if necessary. I place the whole package in the refrigerator, and the next day the brush and roller are still soft and can be used to continue. The paint is good too. Works for me and I don't have to wash all that paint down the drain every day.

  2. Ya, put your brush and roller in a plastic bag. If you're leaving it for any length of time put it in the freezer. It thaws quickly.

  3. Two miles definitely won't get you to AZ. But it's still warm here so you don't want to get here for a few days anyhow. I'm the one that usually doesn't have much of an opinion about color because Jim has a much better eye than I do. So it sounds great to me.

  4. I sure like the sounds of all that paint preparation going on outside - with someone else doing it!


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