Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thoughts on Arizona and finishing the paint!

I think we have a chance for it to warm up this weekend and on into the following week until about Wednesday.  I am talking mid 70s for every day and none of that freezing stuff at night.  That is a welcome relief, as we are used to the warmer weather here in KC and Arizona.

Speaking of Arizona, we have 5 weeks to go before we head on out for points West.  We have reservations again in Valle Del Oro where we plunked down $250 last year on a specific site that is two streets farther North from the street where we were last year.  Also we are that much farther from busy Superstition Mountain Freeway 60.  That should reduce the noise level a bit, but we will be parked with our windshield facing North.  That means the bedroom on the back will be on the freeway side, so maybe it won't be much quieter.  We will have several more rows of RVs between us and the South fence.

I haven't paid much attention to the information coming out of the park, because most of the folks haven't arrived down there yet.  It has been in the high 90s almost every day, and I think folks got a lot of that this summer, so they are not rushing back to those conditions.

Since we reserve our spot for three months, and February is really the nicest month of all, it only makes sense to not get there so early.  Folks have asked me why rent for three months in a row?  And I can only answer that because once it becomes after the first of the year, almost everything short of boondocking is totally reserved.

Also with the reality of my condition after this surgery, I will need to be on full hookups almost every night.  And there is the local hospital that I used last year about a mile away, should that be needed.

But what we have learned in the past is that we become bored with our surroundings in the second year of anything we do.  And I am sure that by March 1st we will be pulling up the stakes and moving on.  Anywhere, just some place different.

Today the painter finished the outside of the house about 3 in the afternoon, and I had to pay the money.  More than 3K, but remember I never lifted one finger, outside of going outside and bullshipping once and a while.  Still seems high......  But it is the going rate around here.  2 guys worked for 4 days, and there was over a 1K paint bill.  Quit thinking about it, it will just make you nuts.

I worked some in the basement again today, but only finished one door jamb and rehung the door.  My drive for the project has completely left me, and it seems like  total slave labor by now.  I still have another door and jamb to finish as well as the mop boards all around the big room.

They are coming in the morning to measure for the carpet, but I am told that we may not get it finished by the time we leave for the Southwest.  Perhaps one of my kids will have to be over here for the carpet install.  Surely they can get it installed in the next 5 weeks.............

Retired Rod


  1. Know what you mean about getting bored, we are going to Florida this winter, tried of the desert.

  2. We made it across the border with all of our animals and we are looking forward to a visit with you two. Give Loyce a big hug for me please.

    Take Care and See you soon

  3. You're just going to be down the road a ways from us. We're on the north end of Ironwood. Karla and Eric ran the tiki hut last year at Valle De Oro (at least I think that's the place). Storm headed into New Mexico next week so be plan accordingly.


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