Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm a dope!

I feel like a dope tonight, because the internet has been out all night long, and I thought it was the provider, so I was quietly waiting for them to get back on line.  Its almost midnight, and it still wasn't back.

Then it dawned on me that Loyce was cleaning in the pantry room today, where the cable modem enters the house.  She doesn't do anything with computers, or the internet.  Sometimes she makes the effort to look at it, but then it will be weeks before she comes back again.  So those boxes with the flashing lights on top of the back fridge mean nothing to her.  So the fact that she pulled out all the wires while she was cleaning again means nothing to her.  She doesn't even realize that she did anything to them.

So, I just took a chair in the pantry and moved all the kitchen appliances that are in front of the cable modem and connected all the wires back again, and just like that we are back on the air!!!

I should have had that figured out sooner.........

Anyway I really didn't have much to report anyway because I never left the house today.  I decided to seal the floor in the basement with white Kilz primer.  I have a 5 gallon bucket of the stuff that had about a gallon and a half gone, so I will never find the bottom before the floor is done.  I still can't stand up and run the roller on the long handle very long so it was ride the office chair while painting today.

By about supper time I had completed more than half of the floor, so tomorrow I will have to get after it and finish it.  But it will take most of the day.  This will clean up the floor so I won't be so dirty crawling around finishing the mop boards.

Also it will be a week day, so I can go after the motorhome if my surgery pain allows.  That might have to wait until the latter part of the week.

Monday as you read this it has been 5 weeks since the surgery so I really need to still lay lower than normal on all of this work.  I did nap for almost 2 hours this afternoon in the middle of the floor painting.

Retired Rod


  1. I've been painting a lot lately, and it is hard work and hard on muscles you don't normally use. I can't even imagine what it would be like so soon after major surgery. Be careful.

  2. Sometimes it can be frustrating to find out the solution was a REALLY obvious one.
    But that's a good thing, right?

  3. Don't overdo it my friend, but I do know that feeling you get while you are sitting on your duff with things to do. Hard to do the right thing then especially if the right thing is having a nap.

  4. Glad to hear you are taking the odd nap in the midst of all the work.

    Your cable modem story brought back some great memories of my I.T. days. After years of fielding questions and complaints from users about their equipment not working, I finally settled on a first question to ask anyone - "is the equipment turned on"?

    Amazingly, the answer was often "of course.... ummm...wait a sec.....oh's working now..thanks"!


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