Thursday, October 13, 2011


Like most days, I started out by going to the Lumber store.  Today it was Lowes, where I was looking for the kick panels for the cabinets that the contractor installed.  I'm still not able to walk all over the store, so I took the handicap cart.

I drove back to the cabinet corner of the store and drove all around and couldn't find what I was after..... so I broke the man code and drove around looking for a store clerk to ask.  I reconciled this as the battery in my ride couldn't handle me driving around.  And yes I had been driving right by the display twice.

I picked up various other items including a ten pack of handle pulls for the cabinets, and ducked out of the store.

Back home, I began to install the kick panels, and as I leaned down to measure the length to cut off, I bumped the fridge.  And ker...Bang,  the door flies open.  One of the cokes that I had worried about yesterday, had totally exploded inside the new fridge.  What a mess!

I hadn't turned the thermostat down nearly enough!   It took me about another hour to clean out the inside.  It was covered in frozen mushy cola.  Everywhere, back in the fridge coils and even inside the light.

I did spend the rest of the day installing the kick panels and half of the pulls, before the nap overcame me.

I was taking the doors off of the cabinets and drilling the holes on the drill press in the shop, so it was much slower than using a hand drill, but I don't trust myself to drill all the holes straight by hand.

If I had to hire out, no one would pay me because I am so slow, but that's ok.

Oh, and to answer JB's question, the nail holes are in the trim boards that surround the entire room and the 6 door frames that are installed on the various rooms and closets.  In all we used 175 feet of base molding, so that's a lot of nails.   Getting down on the floor is still a very slow and careful operation, so progress just isn't happening.

Retired Rod


  1. Exploding coke - definitely a mess. Jim did that in our freezer. Forgot he put a Pepsi in there. I made him clean it up.

  2. Oh man! I've been there and done that. Discovered the hard way that anything resting against the back of the fridge here tends to freeze, and then explode.
    Good excuse to clean the fridge I suppose. But not much of a consolation.
    And really not much fun.

  3. Hmmm, that may be the reason I stay away from the fridge. Cleaning up around here has taken on the cloak of an artform and I am no artist so I really try to avoid making a

  4. I think we've all dealt with exploding coke cans at some time or other - it sure makes a mess.

    I'm still amazed that you are able to do so many things during a day. I was starting to get worn out just reading your blog.

    Take it easy and get lots of rest!


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