Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yippie Skippie

While things aren't exactly yippie skippie, I seem to be getting along.  Pain management seems to be the issue late at night, so much of that has been spent in the recliner that my son carried up to the bedroom.  The late night tv has been bad, but it takes your mind off of the pain.

Yesterday, Loyce and I spent the day going thru this months bills and deciding what hasn't been taken care of since the surgery back on September 12.  The insurance folks take quite a delight in sending out cancellation notices, the very moment a payment hasn't recorded on the specified time.  But luckily we haven't qualified for any of those quite yet.

As far as the basement project, it was all set up to have the on again and off again contractor come and work on Friday.  We didn't stop him even though I had to go back to the hospital.  Lord only knows when we could have gotten him back.  Of course without us here to question and guide the job, he just declared that he was done and loaded his tool out.

We thought about calling him back, but have decided to wait until I am stronger, and see how much of it I can tackle in the meantime.  If I only accomplish one small task a day, it will be faster than waiting for him.  Tomorrow we are expecting the plumber to install the toilet and sinks.  He will also have to finish the shower faucet.

So this morning we spent time cleaning up the nasty mess the carpenter left us from last Friday.  I didn't  do much except paint the mop board and wall behind where the toilet will be installed.   Painting back in there is impossible once the fixture is in place.

It was still strenuous on me and I had to nap for several hours this afternoon to make up for the work.  But since I am paying for tomorrow's work, I promise that I will not pick up a tool!!

Retired Rod

Lynette Mc Henry put this on face book a few moments ago and it describes our winter plans to a tee!


  1. Jeez! What are you doing bending down and painting! Take a solid week off and do nothing! The jobs will still be waiting when you're recovered and healthy!

    There, I feel better now! Hope you're feeling o.k. too, Rod.

    Always good to see your blog popup on my sidebar!

  2. Take it easy my friend, I like to see your blog pop up on a regular basis and overdoing it in the basement seems to affect your blog

    I know it is a pain to sit and watch someone do something for you but that is where the road to Arizona begins. Heal and Haul.

  3. And that is the considered opinion from north of the Medicine Line. Rest, relax, play angry birds and direct other folks to the work.

  4. It's a good thing you aren't married to me because your butt would be in so much trouble. I know you really want to get stuff done but too much. Okay - I'm through yelling at you.

    I just want you to get better and keep posting. We all worry about you.

  5. I totally understand you wanting to get active instead of having to helplessly sit and do nothing. A fine line between what the body can do and what the mind thinks it can do. Only you know how your feeling and where your comfort and capability levels are. All the best with your recovery.......

  6. Take as much time as you need to recover. don't overdue it. Glad to hear your son got the recliner upstairs for you. I had to carry my own reclined. but boy once it was put together and setup it felt good. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  7. Love that picture that Lynette McHenry posted! Take good care of the old back!


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