Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doctors again!

Just sitting around here, after going to the doctor for lab tests this morning.  I hate that but they won't let me out of it.

This afternoon, I went down and made the concerted effort to finish the mop boards around the rest of the room.  I just forced myself to stay at it.  It didn't take too long but I am so put out with fighting the entire project that I can hardly go down there and sit in the chair.

Our son Ben and his son Caden came over and brought Loyce some flowers for her birthday.  She likes them a lot because she has them right on the island in the middle of the kitchen.  I am looking forward to getting out of here but that won't happen until we do Thanksgiving.  So it is about all that I can stand to just sit here with out making any progress toward that goal.

The house is painted and the basement is mostly done, and the carpet is out of my hands.  Damned Doctors are holding us up, and I need that oil change on the motorhome.  But even if the list was totally complete and the packing was done, we couldn't go a place because of the family Thanksgiving.

What's a guy to do?

Retired Rod


  1. You sound kind of down and I wish I could cheer you up. Only a month to go til Thanksgiving and then you'll be able to head out. And hopefully your body will have healed that much more.

  2. Well, I for one understand your predicament about wanting to get on the road and forego the Thanksgiving festivities at home. I would feel exactly the same way but I am not as family oriented as the majority of people. Also understand very well your boredom of having to sit around and do nothing. Also understand the difficulty when one partner wants to do one thing and the other partner wants to do something else. Not easy. Maybe the Doctor's appointments will finish up early and the family will understand how you feel and wish you a cheery 'Bon Voyage' as you get those big wheels rolling westward once more. Nothing like the great mental and physical healing powers of some good old warm Arizona sunshine....:))

  3. Since the boys are grown up and Andy is the only ones home on Thanksgiving we just usually go out anymore, so that means it could be anywhere when we do hit the road .Also all the work and mess of a big family dinner are gone too. Hope your house gets finished soon and you get your break. Don't overdue it.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. Been there , done that, got the "T" shirt Rod....Can empathize with your health problems and doctors holding up a good trip....I also did the basement finish thingy....It will all work out to your betterment one day I hope...

  5. I just had a thought! Maybe you should see about getting the U.S.A.'s Thanksgiving moved to the middle of October to coincide with Thanksgiving Day here in Canada?

    Not much chance of that happening I guess!!


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