Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cardinals Win!

As I am sitting here listening to the speeches after the Cardinals have just won the World Series for 2011, I can't help but feel sympathetic for the Texas folks since this has happened twice now.  They came so close down to the last strike twice last night.

I think that La Rusa means so much to the Cardinals teaching them to never give up even with only one strike left in the whole world, ya just never give up!

Today was kind of a bust as I had to go back to the surgeon, and he didn't just sign me off as good to go. He is just not that kind of guy.  If your not just perfect, he wants to know why.  Now I have to go back in two weeks.   Oh, and he has a fellow Doctor that was his intern down in Scottsdale.  So I'm not going to get out of his sight any time soon.

It was after 4 PM when we got back here since it is almost an hour up the interstate to get to KU Medical Center from down here in the Southern sticks.  The day was just gone.  Loyce went to do some quick shopping and Biscuit and I sat here and surfed the web.

Watching the World Series is much more tense when the team involved is one you have rooted for most of your life.  We began following the Cardinals when we began to vacation in Lake Ozark in the 1980s.  Once we owned property, all of our neighbors were from St Louis and game days were celebrated with fervor.   Often we planned a day at the game in the center of our week long vacation we took each year.

So Congratulations Cardinals!

Retired Rod


  1. I miss the days of Harry Caray yelling "Holy Cow" and Jack Buck hollering The Cards win it, the Cards win it.Also Mike Shannon being carried drunk into the Sambo's restaurant in Dellwood Mo where Donna worked after the Cards winning one.St Louis is definately a baseball, one team town and they do know how to nave fun and support their Cards.
    I can also relate to the never give up philosophy, during my police career we had a police surgeon who was a Viet Nam vet, He constantly stressed that even if you were shot never give up, and try to keep moving,He said a lot of deaths in the field could be averted if the victim just didn't give up. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Yea Cards. I'm glad to know your doc is taking such good care of you. Better that then indifference.

  3. It was an amazing win for the Cards, I thought for sure they were done (twice) in Game 6. I'll bet the Rangers will have a long winter thinking about what could have been.

    Good to hear your Doctor has a friend to keep tabs on you in AZ.


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