Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pepe's on the River


Its a big Palapas. That is a palm frond beach shelter, Its a roof and poles that hold it up. The sides were heavy tarps. The end behind the band was just open. The band trailers were backed in beyond the end poles.The sign is on the end of the kitchen building that is also under the big palapas. It is an enclosed building. It also has an indoors bar room that could be used for serving food if the weather was just horrible.
Of course the attraction is the rio grande river.You can sit right out and eat on decks that are on the bank of the river. Occasionally the border patrol goes flying up the river in patrol boats, I am told. We didn't observe this while we were there. An yes that is Mexico on the other side. Double click this one and make it big to get the full effect.

But the attraction is the band and the booze that is under the palapas. Full country, Texas style band, with a steel and a fiddle. Music from 15 to 20 years ago just like us silver hair folks like. Everyone was up dancing at it was 2 in the afternoon. Must be the beer.

I have read about this place on at least three different blogs, and they have reported it better than I have, so I just had to go see it myself. I had the Friday special of fried catfish and shrimp, with fries. They smashed the shrimp out flat and breaded with a cracker crumb style batter. It was good. I would have taken a picture but they jumped from my plate to my stomach before I could get it done.

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