Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gray Days

Have you ever noticed that the days when the sun never makes it thru the clouds, are always dreary? That was yesterday. And so far today. Just gray, overcast blah.

So just what do we do on a gray day? As I read various other blogs from fellow RVers I find that some folks are upbeat and never let this kind of thing bother them what so ever. And others just can't move beyond the mood. I work on being the former, but unfortunately the latter seems to take over.

Its not cold here and I am wearing shorts as I write this. We made it to about 68 yesterday and it is to be in the 70's today. We slept with the window open wide in the bedroom and a small fan running all night.

The difference between vacation, and full timing in your RV, is that you have an agenda as you vacation. You plan to go to the next attraction, and when the attractions run out you hitch up and move on. But full timing in the winter is not like that. If we move it will have to be South into Mexico, as North to the Cold weather is why we are here in the first place. So then living here becomes just like living at home. Only the tasks are different.

You still cook and clean and go get gas and so on. Just like home. So that is what we did yesterday, just live the normal life in the RV. When did we dump the holding tanks last?

So the cold I have, progressed in the normal fashion, making me sneeze and cough with the watery burning eyes and such. So we went to Wal-Mart to get some Pseudoephedrine. The kids make Meth out of this stuff, so you have to ask the pharmacist for it. The line to see the pharmacist was back thru the aisle and the down the main aisle all the way to the entrance door. Right where you come in past the greeter. Lets say about 60 people, of course all speaking spanish, as english is the second language this far South.

I waited in line for about an hour and a half, only to have a manager come over and declare that they were done serving folks at the pharmacy for today. It was 7:00 PM and they were going home now. Choking the life out of this little guy wasn't an option, but I certainly thought about it. So much for Wal-Mart.

I did finally get the medication at the Local H E B grocery for nearly the same price, without a line and they were even nice to me. Go figure.

So what great adventures does today hold for us in the life of an RVer? I can't wait to see.

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