Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just Hanging Around

Not every day can be exciting, and yesterday just wasn't. We had the new TV so we were somewhat glued to that. In the morning I went to Radio Shack to get the proper cable to hook the sound into the sound system that came with this Jayco trailer.

As an electronics geek, I expect things to have a good quality , and I just am very hard to please. And so it goes with the TV and its sound system. Just not up to my expectations. I goofed around most of the morning , trying to make it better. Oh well!
In the afternoon we both did the computer thing using both laptops to do internet research. Loyce was using the smaller Toshiba calling it her new Laptop. I bought it used in a Hamfest, from one of my buddies from Des Moines. Usually she doesn't have much time for computers, so this is a new wrinkle.

So for an evening meal, we decided to do Taco Cabana. A McDonalds type of Mexican fast food chain. Its a little bit of everything. Dirve thru, patio window, and eat in joint.
I took a picture inside and everyone stared at me so I had to turn the flash off. These are available light shots but give you the look and feel.
Mural on the back wall was the end advertisement from an avacado box. This was with the flash and would have been better without it. Mexican folks get goofy when a camera comes out.
Loyce had the chicken enchalidas and I had a big texmex platter that had a bunch of stuff that I didn't know the name of. One taco, one tostada, one red tortilla with meat and beans that I don't remember what it was called. Both our plates were covered in refried beans and we got fresh warm tortillas in a foil wrapper to eat the beans with. Plus a small salad with guacamole on top. The whole deal was only $11 as we both had water to drink. A new experience, Mexican fast food.

51 degrees this morning and the sun is just coming out. Birds are singing. The heater never came on at all last night. The locals wear their winter coats when it is in the 50's. They are just frozen at that temperature. We had a high of 76 for an hour or so and the sun heated the trailer up to almost Air Conditioner time. But not quite.

Got to go buy some Bernie and Red tickets here in a few minutes. They are comedians that will be here in the Rec hall Sunday evening. Everyone says they are a hoot. They are selling 400 tickets and stopping. At that many the Rec Hall is very full. It will be a sell out.

I wonder what kind of trouble we can get into today?

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