Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday Fun

I decided to go to the Rec Center for the Saturday breakfast. Loyce didn't want any, so I went by myself. But you are never alone in Llano Grande, as I immediately sat with two other couples. They turned out to be from NW Iowa and Fargo, ND. I had much in common with them, as I did Audits up that way in a previous life. So we hit it off at once.

The line to pay and get your food.

Boy theres a bunch a folks here today.

Flea Market

The next town West of here is Weslaco and West of that is Donna. The road between the two towns is Victoria Rd. On Victoria road is the Don Wes flea market. A permanent bunch of buildings (shacks?) and trailer houses with many wares for sale. This was more like a county fair mixed in to a junk show.

From the road.

We were worried we would have to park a zillion blocks away, and then lucked into a car that was leaving right in the front row. It had Missouri plates, so we thought, 'there's your sign'.

Once in the door of the big building.

Camera focused on the doors overhead and not off into the distance but you get the feel of the place.
Wow! This place is really big in here and there are so many stores and booths you can't absorb it all. Everything is for sale all at once and folks are everywhere. The outside vendors go on and on. Redwood sign anyone? Sun screen for the front of your RV awning? RV parts and pieces. Chinese tools?

Booth with wall away rocker recliners. $199. Man in a clown suit with a pet alligator! Takes your picture with the alligator on your lap, with a polaroid, and then sells it to you. Alligator was obviously sedated.

Too much Flea Market, I'm hungry!

Fat Daddy's Bar B Que

This is six miles North of the Progresso Mexico Bridge.

Ya we're in Texas, aren't we?

Walls are loaded with the authentic stuff! Loyce is sitting, with the black coat, over by the door onto the porch.

Pulled Bar B Que pork dinner, ranch beans and slaw! $7.99 The beer is flowing in here!

After the meal we went looking for an orchard that our neighbors told Loyce about. After some driving around, we found the place. It was after 5PM and it was closed. But now we know where it is so we can come right back during the time it is open.

The sun never did come out but it was up to 58 by late afternoon. We really, only needed a light jacket or sweat shirt as it wasn't cold. Just kinda dreary.

Sunday is a new day with the hope of much nicer temperatures both here in the valley and in the Northern Central US. We hope it is a nice day for you where ever you may be.

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