Saturday, January 19, 2008

Still Cold Here

These are all over down here and are called El Pato. They are authentic and the folks that frequent them are Mexican. One of the patrons referred to us as the gringos and offered to let us go ahead of him. But we declined This is the order counter and the meun boards were is Spanish and then English underneath. Loyce ordered Chicken enchalada and I ordered Beef Guisado. El Pato Menu
Comida Autentica! Authentic Food!
Dining room
We were South of McAllen on the four lane highway that goes to the river bridge into Reynosa. This restaurant is not too far out of McAllen. There is every kind of "used product business" on this road, that you can think of. Many used car lots that are no more than gravel parking lots. Used appliance stores and used clothing stores. The Mexican folks come from Reynosa into the US and buy these used goods to take back into Mexico.

From days gone by, here are some pictures of the golf course here at LLano Grande. It was more like 80 outside on the day these were taken.The practice green.
Cart Row next to the practice green
Coming up to the club house on 18.
The course was not open at all yesterday. I never saw more than 44 on the temp gage all day. During the night it rained and was 40. The wind blew some and flapped the awning. A cold night to be in a trailer.

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