Friday, January 25, 2008

Doctor and Wal Mart Pharmacy

Yes I have insurance. I know you have never heard of Select First PPO because thats in Iowa. But they are also part of PHCS which you are apart of. Here call this number. And so it went at the Doctor's office. It took over and hour, just to convince them that I could pay them. If you just walk in and want to pay cash, they still will not see you. You must have insurance. And in this day of PPO's, your not just automatically covered, in a different State or community. All of this on a day you feel like cr-pp!

I then had to wait in the exam room for about an hour before the Doctor could get free enough to come see me. But she was great! Quite nice and knowledgeable. Gave me a prescription for a strong antibiotic and an inhaler. Just not good to be sick when you are supposed to be having a carefree time in a warm climate.

If you have read the blogs since we arrived here, you will remember that I really liked the service at the local Wal-Mart. Remember, they shut the window just as I arrived, after standing in line for about an hour. So I had to go deal with all of that again. Armed with my prescriptions and all day for time, I returned to Wal Mart. I was able to turn in the script almost at once and was told to wait an hour. So I hung out. Ate a McDonalds Burger.

Read a new book that the cash register would not let me purchase. Wasn't supposed to be for sale until tomorrow. So I just read it standing in the aisle. New John Grissom tale "The Appeal" The first chapter sets up the case. I will be purchasing this book when they let me. They made me give it back.

After an hour, I went back and they still didn't have it ready. I sat right in front of the window and after only 30 minutes more it was ready. Remember, you have no where to be, and no schedule to keep so everything is an adventure. Grrrrr! Now don't be like that, it doesn't matter one bit. What are you going to do? Go home and sit in your easy chair and surf the internet.

We are so programed to our expectations. I have to constantly remind myself to let it go. The world will not change, and neither will your tomorrow. Still Wal Mart is a victim of its own success. Their management is slow to make any changes that would improve themselves.

On the skype party line that occurs most evenings, we learned that it is a very cool ZERO degrees back in the Iowa area. KC had about 12 overnight. We had 44 in rain. The rain makes it much colder in a travel trailer. It seems to leach out the heat that is running inside. You just would not be able to live in the trailer, at the zero degrees of the Iowa winter. Our walls are only an inch and a quarter thick. While made from styrofoam, they also have aluminum box channel to create the rigid frame.

Aluminum anything is just not a heat retaining material. We have a portable electric heater and the propane fired forced air furnace. Which should we run? We are paying for the electric on a meter and have to flag down a propane truck as it goes thru the park, and 30 pounds, about 7 gallons, was $18. No matter which heater you run, it will cost money. We ran the electric yesterday thru the day. And set both the electric and the propane to run as we went to bed,

Both heaters are running this morning. Together! Cold rain is soaking the warm right out of the trailer. I turned off the electric heater just to see what would happen next. The propane heat is running longer and comes back on quicker. The electric is more convenient. Doesn't have to be refilled. The gas is warmer and since it is forced air, tends to warm all the rig more uniformly. So we run some of each. The cost will average out. And after you get over paying the bill, it will not matter tomorrow.

Get yourself under control, see the post above about not having problems. Let it go, things will not change. Even if you do not use the very cheapest method.

Oh the ramblings of a man at 6:30 AM, when his family is still sleeping. Thats how this gets so long, when I really had nothing to talk about. So lets hope it warms up quickly, no matter where you are as you read this. Spring will come, it always does.

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