Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to the Flea Market

The flea market has a vendor that makes sun screens to go on your RV awning. You can see thru the fabric, as it is only about 70 percent opaque. It will not stop the rain and it will flop in the wind. Thus it will breath and not make the area under your awning overly hot.

This is a fabric that is a woven vinyl, much like the fabric on expensive outdoor furniture. There are nine grommets along the bottom and I purchased stakes and elastic ball tie downs in order to stake it out.

I ordered a tweed one last Saturday. The flea market is closed on Monday and Tuesday. So they had it made for pickup on Wednesday. I also bought the matching bag to pack it away. I guess I was easy pickins, but if it does what we want, so what.

The thing that I see these used for here in our park, is to create a little private space between units, that are so darned close anyway. They give a little patio space without looking in the window of the unit beside you. So shade in the summer and privacy when you need it.

They also make end panels that hook into the sides and one lady told me to have a door sewn into the main piece, but that will have to be another time, as we will leave before we could have that stuff completed. Lets just see if we even use it. Have to be careful with the campfires!

We just hung out again all day, as it was another gray almost rain type of day. It did begin to rain along about 9PM. Just drizzle with the humidity of 9 million. We turned on the air even though the temp was only 65 outside. Just for the dehumidifier.

Spent a bunch of the night on the Skype program with the guys form Des Moines. A bunch of ham radio guys talking on their computers. Why did we ever bother to become hams?

We have run out of ideas to go see something new. Must be time to move on to the next camp!

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