Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Road House

It was another of those gray days. We were cabin bound as it rained off and on. I put out the awning to get some more dry space. Sitting out though was not an option. The high for the day was reached by 10 AM at about 60 and then it began to cool and rain.

So what to do on a rainy day, go to the fabric store! Hancock is in McAllen in the main business 83 highway. We were there for a good 45 minutes so that turned into a nap for me as Loyce studied the books and patterns inside.After the fabric store we needed some lunch or supper as we had neither. North of the McAllen airport is a mall called La Plaza. Original Hey? And one of the perimeter stores is the Logan's Road House. This is a new one on me. They do have Texas Road House and Lone Star here as well but then we didn't find one of those so let try this one.
Seemed like a nice place! Peanut shells go on the floor. Not in a bucket like the lawyers are requiring in the Lone Star now. The menu had all the normal stuff, but no one came to take our order.

Our waitress had a table for 8 that was all senior folks who appeared to be singles. Or at least that is how they ordered. Separate checks. She was so confused.
She did finally take our order, but then never brought our food. The kitchen staff finally brought our steaks and main meal, but only when we protested did they bring the salad, after the main course. We had no where to be and I ordered a vegetable side instead of a salad anyway so it didn't matter. Our food was good.

The steak case , just like Texas Roadhouse.
We finally had to ask the floor manager for a ticket so we could pay, as the gal was still trying to figure out the 8 single order folks problems. A more senior waitress came back to help fix the issues. She must have had no training at all. Hopefully she will get the hang of it but today was not her day at the old Road House.

From there, back to the Wal-Mart in Weslaco and on home.

We watched the radar on the computer as a cell was coming from the South West. First, off the ocean, and then around to the North, and then more Westerly. Big red and purple thing on the radar screen. I ran out in a poncho and put that awning back up. Didn't want to trust a storm like that for strong winds. Just like an April thunder storm up North. Sky was green and the wind did blow. Mostly after the rain went thru.

We reached 51 by midnight and that turned out to be the low temp for the night. Another day in the old cash register.

Still overcast this morning, but the rain has gone. Up to 53 now. And as the Canadian fellow behind us said, heck, it could have been the white stuff!

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