Monday, January 21, 2008


We went to Wal Mart and bought chips and queso. Got a big whataburger and came home in time for the first game.

As you all know, the New England Patriots remain undefeated. We camped just 10 miles South of the stadium last fall. Everyone was nuts out there back then, so I can only imagine how it was last night.

Nothing going on here outside of just living in the RV. Big breakfast, hot shower in the clean mens room. Bike ride around the camp. High temp of 65, but the sun disappeared about kickoff time. But then who cares you can't see it from in front of the TV anyway, right.

With such a big ending to a game that went into overtime it is a shame that anyone has to loose. But the Midwest is now out of the Super Bowl. New York against Boston. Does anyone in the rest of the country really care? So all the Easterners will be going on vacation to Arizona. Sounds like a good reason to stay here in Texas. With that over for another year we can get back to living life here in Texas.

We went down to 59 degrees at 9PM last night in fog and overcast. We have been slowly warming from that and have 61 this morning. We had a window in the bedroom open all night and didn't even know it as the shade was drawn. The heater never ran to my knowledge.

Its supposed to be warm and rainy for the next several days so no sun. But on the bright side we can hang up the winter coats for a while......

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