Thursday, January 17, 2008

Service needed

A strange day. Spontaneous to say the least. We have had several plumbing issues with the Jayco Travel Trailer. To be honest, we, meaning me, have not sought any help fixing the problems we have. The trailer sat for months after we came back from New England in October. I, should have said, YES DEAR we have a problem, and sought to have it fixed.

I didn't! We have a very small leak in the pipes under the bathroom sink. It drips, ever so slowly. Just gets stuff wet, stored there. The more pressure we have in a park, the more it leaks. So we use a pressure regulator. It still leaks. And I still ignore the wife when she harps to me about the leak. So every now and then the floor is wet in front of the bathroom door. Really hard to see where it is coming from. Reach up under the sink and feel, every thing is dry. Frustration.

So with that in mind, I thought I would see where and who is a Jayco dealer in the Valley. And yes there was a dealer at the RV show that we attended last Saturday. So I used the internet, to find this location. It is not far away. So I went to inquire about some service.

As I arrived, there was one person in the sales area, but there were about three couples looking at the units on the lot. Service was in the building to the back, so I drove on to service. The service building had numerous high garage doors and also an area of covered bays, without any doors at all.

As I went into the first garage door there was an office on the side, labeled service manager. I went into the office. What a mess, junk everywhere. A large desk in the middle was piled just as high. The office was empty. So I struck out through the garages to try to find someone in charge.

In the second garage I came upon two hispanic individuals who were butchering some sort of animal. Without being too descriptive, it will suffice to say that the process was far enough along that I could not identify what the beast had been before this process. They were working on this job on the service bench, where RV parts including sewer parts, were present. They were using a sledge hammer and a large ax.

I am a hunter, and have butchered deer and other animals, so I wasn't revolted or upset. I was just puzzled. Why would we be using RV tools to butcher an animal? In an unclean place. But a place where they would potentially work on my home? Not any time soon. I just got in the truck and left.

I stopped by the Home Depot on the way back to the park. I inquired where the PEX fittings were. One of the plumbing folks said pex? that's trailer house sh-t and we don't carry that. Just to set the record straight, our new house in Kansas City is plumbed entirely in PEX piping. And it is bricks and sticks.

We can't get parts, and we won't have any service at the dealer. So perhaps it will just have to leak until we get somewhere else. I drove back home.

The sun had come out and it was almost 70, so I set the lawn chair out on the patio. As I sat on the chair and enjoyed the hamburger that I had brought back, I saw it. A drywall screw! Or at least the head of the screw. In the center of my 20 inch front tire. Right in the middle. A little diet coke out of my drink confirmed it was leaking.

Was it the screw from the Home Depot, or the parking lot in front of the RV shop. What difference does it make. Its 3PM, and I'm in a strange town, where to go. I jumped in the truck and headed back to town. In the middle of downtown was a tire dealer called Pueblo Tire.

They took me right in, even though it was about 4 PM, and took the tire off the vehicle and patched it. $15, a deal. For the first time, I saw the wireless tire pressure sensor fastened inside the rim. Neat.

So the tire that began to leak was fixed and the sink is still dripping on the floor!

It was really foggy here overnight with the water about dripping out of the air. The Rig was wet like it had rained. The temperature was 55 for most of the night so the heat only ran sporadically. The forecast for today is for 62, in rain. Its 11 in KC, and 10 in Des Moines right now, so I think 55 and overcast is just fine with me.

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