Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Loyce goes to Mexico

Your right this is the sidewalk on the way to Mexico. Get your quarter out. The Government can't afford their half of the bridge without it. Ya right!On our side of the bridge it is wide open to see the river and enjoy.
When you get to the Mexican side the beggars are under the bridge crying for money so they put in steel blinders so you can't see them.
Mexican declarations. There are about 6 different languages that tell you that you can't have a gun in Mexico.
Declarations in the left lane and nothing to declare in the right.

Down the side streets this is a quite normal town.
Loyce likes the purses. She didn't buy one yet. But I'm sure we will go back.
A sidewalk is not just a sidewalk, but rather a total bombardment of of folks wanting to sell you something. Or just begging like the gal on the ground with the cup. Every other shop is a dentist or a pharmacy. They really cater to the winter Texan folks.
Loyce negotiates a price for a fabric bag.
The picture of the Red Snapper from the other day.
The bar from our table. The singer is behind the post.
Loyce likes the singer and told him so. She would have bought a CD if he had one, but he didn't. Said it just cost too much to get them made. Of course he earned a good tip.

I had garlic and butter sauce fried shrimp and Loyce had battered and fried shrimp. Her shrimp
was smashed flat again, like the ones we had at Pepe's by the river. I had a Tecate Light beir and the boss had her proverbial coke dieta. The restaurante was very busy for quite a while, but began to thin out as we finished up our meal. Our bill was $16.25 US. A bargain so the waiter did quite well. And of course you get to use the bano. The only way you will get to use one while in Mexico. Toilets are not public in Progresso Nuevo anyway.

So we made it back to the RV after going thru customs, with all our junk that we bought in Mexico. There were many folks coming back thru the check point, so they set up an impromptu line right on the sidewalk. Again they passed our passports thru the electronic reader. Asked a couple of quick questions about what we had purchased, and bang we were around the big pile up of folks inside the customs station. They sent me right thru, as I had only a bag with four bottles of vanilla, but Loyce had a shopping bag, with numerous little purchases. I tried to stay with her as she answered the mans questions, but I was told to move right along. She was on her own to get thru.

The weather was windy and warm as we came back with a high temperature of 77 degrees. Overnight we had 55 by about 3 AM. It hasn't begun to warm up yet this morning. It is daylight and the sun is out, so it will begin to warm up soon. We are supposed to have rain as it gets warmer. This will come from the ocean so they are just guessing about that.


  1. Rod, I am following your log as well as others in the area. Good job!! I like your photos and descriptions of your travels. Keep up the good work for us dreamers who have a few years left b4 retirement. John D

  2. Yeah! Vanilla!!!!
    Mel aka Daughter-in-Law #2

  3. Tell Mom I like her hat. I hope she bought me fake rolex. from, #1 Son in birth order.


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