Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Walmart and a Cold

We went out to search for a suitable fabric store and quilting shop for Loyce. She really misses the Jo-Ann fabric stores that are not here in the Valley. Thats almost a deal breaker for her to come here. After some internet research we went out armed with three new addresses in Harlingen to scope out.

The first address was out of business and there was a different tenet in the building. The second location was on business 77 or Sunshine Blvd. This is a main drag from North to South thru Harlingen. The address was way to the South and there was a store there. It was a small mom and pop store and they were having classses when we arrived.

With the class going on Loyce only stayed for 10 minutes or so and did not buy anything. The third address turned out to be a personal home. The internet does not distinguish between business locations and small business folks working out of their homes. So we drove all the way to the North outskirts for zip.

So on to Wal-Mart. We loaded the truck. Seems like we can't go to Wal-Mart unless we spend all the money we have. Ha Ha.

I've been battling a cold that I picked up here in the park. Nasty thing with the weepy eyes and the never ending runny nose. Kills the creativity for blogging. So we just sat here and watched the election results in the mushroom cloud of too many cold tablets.

53 this morning, so winter slips back in and reminds us that she hasn't gone anywhere far away.

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