Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gloomy Cold

It started out at 44 and got up to 48. Overcast and rainy. But the rain quit by about noon. We just slept in. Oh I was up at 6:30 writing the blog for the day, but then crawled back into the hay! What a life! But it was cold in here. Or was it? Both heaters were running.

So we didn't do to much except all the normal live life in the RV stuff. The dog, brandy had to do her thing several times so we just couldn't sit inside all the time. As you know I have been suffering from bronchitis and the coughing attacks seem to never quit. So the out with the dog bit causes a new set of spasms each time.

I am optimistic that the Levaquin antibiotic and the steroidal inhaler will do the trick. If not, you will have to find another blog to fill in for this one as I was told that pneumonia generally comes after the bronchitis. Ok Ok I'll be a good boy. Honest Doc.

But not to be folks that can 'just hang ar0und a 29 ft RV' all day, we headed out to a new area of McAllen. They have built a convention center on hwy 83 to the West end of town. And as luck would have it, there is a new shopping strip mall center attached. Many of the stores are just getting started, and many more are planned, but remain bare dirt for this winter. One of the stores that is just finished is Barnes and Noble, and we like those. We spent the larger part of the afternoon just looking and reading the vast number texts in that store. We could buy many items there, but the old F150 truck is weight challenged as it is.

Loyce bought a small bag of goodies and I just left with a smile. An my money in tact of course. It is still in the low 40s as I write this at about 11:30. I usually start the blog late at night and then get up in the morning and review my thoughts. The review and corrections in the morning are more successful after some sleep. Even then I see errors after I publish the blog.

Oh and during the day we decided that we would bid Llano Grande a fond farewell at the end of the month. We just are not 'stay in one place too long' type of folks. So we made reservations at the Lagoons campground in Rockport, Tx. We reserved two weeks as Loyce will never want to stay out more than 6 weeks, no matter what the temperature is back home.

One of the blogs we follow is Ellie and Jim who have justravelin here on blogspot. They stayed in the Lagoons for a month last fall. Based on their pictures, there will be lots of activities in the area. This is the Port Aransas, and Mustang island area, of North Padre Island. If it should just happen to warm up a bit, the early spring on the ocean should be dynamite.

We are now in the mode of deciding what we need to do here before we leave. Loyce thinks another trip to Mexico will be in order as we are getting several requests to have a pickup load of Mexican Vanilla when we get home. No problem, but we have to buy it just before we cross the bridge, carry it thru customs and straight back to the truck. It does get heavy if you carry it around while you shop.

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