Sunday, January 13, 2008

RV Show

The All Valley RV Show was held at the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show Grounds, in Mercedes , Texas. So we went. $4 each including parking.Boy this is a BIG place! Some of the folks that go every year, claimed they only had about half as many units as in previous years. There were more than enough to keep us busy.
I can't begin to show all the rigs that we toured so here is one that caught our eye.
This is a Mobile Suites by Double Tree. It is a Fifth Wheel that is big long and heavy. Need at least a 350 Ford, or a 3500 Chevy or Dodge to make this go down the road. List price over 100K but show special was 89 K. I'll bet it can be had for less than that!
Slides on both sides of the living room and an Island in the center of the kitchen area.

This is a mid stair up to the bed room, with the toilet on one side and the shower on the other.
Check out the electronics, in the special closet made for them. This was in the bedroom wall.
I have no intentions of purchasing a Diesel pusher bus at 270K, but I thought the Cat diesel was neat in the business back end. This one has a Onan gas generator, in the engine bay under the driver. I was 15,000 watts and would make a nice engine for any of our cars or trucks. Pass anything but a fuel station.
I couldn't imagine how one would work on this, as space to get up around the motor was very limited.

This show was in three buildings with the last building being a varied products and services. Many of the valley resort campground facilities had booths. Every RV product was available for purchase.

It got really hot while we were there, as the temperature had reached 82 outside. When you went out of the buildings, it felt much cooler than inside the buildings. The temperature inside the RV's, in the buildings became overwhelming. We tired of that fairly quickly and left.

Our Saturday was just the typical day here in the park. We had the sit out in the sun part. We had to run the AC, as the old tin trailer heats up more than you can stand. We explored to the West of Weslaco as the sun went down. Our dinner was just a burger from a quick drive through.

Once home, we watched the New England Patriots overwhelm their latest victim. and talked with folks from Iowa on Skype.

Temperature here was 82 at 2PM and got down to 42 early this AM. Our heater ran quite a bit during the night, but we were never cold. The sun is out again today and we are up in the mid 50's by 10AM. The wind went thru at about 7PM last night, so I put up the awning in order to not have it flap and damage itself. I had it strapped to the ground, but stakes will pull out, so I error on the side of caution.

We have no plans for today except the comedy folks in the Rec center tonight.

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