Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stay at Home Day

As the title implies, we just hung tight here all day. We did the TV and internet thing. It wasn't hot but it wasn't cold either. We just ran the electric heater for the cooler hours of the morning. The fog that was at the ocean yesterday, seemed to be everywhere by morning.

I think we were just recovering from the big two days we had just finished. First going to Mexico and then the big day at the ocean yesterday. We didn't really see or learn anything new hanging out. By 4:00 PM we finally decided that we had to go to Wal Mart just to get away from a 300 square foot box.

We had supper at the Taco Cabana, which is Mexican fast food. It is not overly fast, if you wait in the drive thru and they didn't bother to give us any napkins or silverware. Or should I say plasticware. So I parked and went inside to get some pico de gallo and the other stuff. When we got inside there was a singer with a guitar and a accompaniment machine. Wow live entertainment. Never seen that in a McDonalds or any other form of fast food store before!

I had beef enchalada's which came with rice and beans and a couple of fresh tortellas. Loyce had chicken quesedilla, that came in a pizza style box. We were both stuffed. And I think it is quite good also. Loyce said her meal was way too big and a I look at the menu again, they did have a personal size and a regular. When ordering that again the personal will do quite nicely thank you.

I have been battling the cold and the resulting bronchitus. Last night it became more than I can bear. So this morning I am researching the health insurance PPO thing to see what coverages and which providers are good to go here in the Valley. Thats about the last thing I wanted to do while down here in the so called paradise. Not if you remain sick the entire time you are here.

Its in the high 40's and raining so this day will be mostly a stay at home kind of a day anyway so why not go to the Doctor?

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