Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday Kickin Back

We did nothing! It was sunny and up to 70. Just a mild breeze and not too warm so no AC.

I watched football. Loyce changed the channel and watched movies when ever I wasn't guarding the remote. Lots of internet now that I am free of the wire to the cable modem.

On that subject we had seven connections to the wireless access point. As I checked only once, but speed didn't seem to be a problem so I didn't kick anyone off. Later I found out that the parks wireless was down and only folks with the cable modems had service at all. I'm sure my wireless access point would have been swamped if more folks had known to look for it.

We have talked some of going to Mexico today, just to see if we can make the system work and learn a little about how we should go about it. Just haven't been motivated yet. It is supposed to rain later this afternoon, and it is gray out and not very warm. Well for down here anyway.

We went to Bernie and Red last night at the Rec Center. I was RV humor. The wife (Red) talks at the same time that Bernie was telling the story. She corrects him as he tells the story and generally just talks over him. They sing and he plays the guitar. Their skit about backing in the trailer on to a tight sight was a stitch. It made 2 hours just disappear. It only cost $6 each and there were 400 of us in the center.

Bernie and Red

On to another good day in the valley!

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